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April Fools Day: How April Fools Pranks take start

April Fools day na day pipo dey prank odas just for fan April Fools day na day pipo dey prank odas just for fan

By now, plenti of your friends go don dey engage, or even marry or travel.

Or na April Fool dem dey do you?

If you look Facebook or WhatsApp(mostly) dia messages go don yapa as dem go dey try fool you. Abi na you dey even send pipo sef.

For 1st of April everi year, pipo for most parts of di world sabi am as April Fools' Day. But many pipo no know how e take begin.

Plenti pipo don do research on how e take start for world but no pesin fit get wetin start dis whole craze.

English Poet

One wey you fit don hear about am na from one poem from English poet Geoffrey Chauncer for di 14th century of fox wey play chicken wayo come almost chop am for di book The Canterbury Tales. For one line, di poet use March 32, wey pipo feel say na joke because March 32 no dey.

Dutch pipo

One of di first pipo to do April Fool fit be pipo for Holland. Book dem from 1561 show Dutch writers dey call April 1 as 'fool's errand day.'

For France

Tori dey say na wen dem change from di Julian Calendar wey dey start di year for Easter time to di Gregorian calendar wey start di year for January 1st. And because di news bin no reach di pipo for rural area on time, pipo wey hear di message start to dey yab dem say dem still dey celebrate New Year for April or Easter time, say dem be fool.

For Ancient Rome

Sabi pipo for history don link April Fools' Day with Hilaria wey pipo for Ancient Rome bin dey wear cloth to hide demself for di end of March. As na di day wey di god Attis resurrect.

April fish

For Italy, France, Belgium, Netherlands, and areas wey dem dey speak French for Switzerland and Canada, dem dey call di April 1 tradition say na April fish and na for dis kain time, dem go carry paper fish put for pesin back.

Di tin wit April Fools' Day be say nobodi realli know how e take start, so if you read dis one come believe you sabi!

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