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BBC Pidgin of Thursday, 1 April 2021


'N2m go get you house wey govt build' - VP Osinbajo tell Chatam House

Di vice president of Nigeria Yemi Osinbajo say any citizen wey dey collect minimum wage and ready to spend one third of di money to buy house, suppose see am buy.

Prof Osinbajo tok dis one during one live Facebook interview wey di UK Chatham House Africa Programme bin organise on Thursday 1 February.

Chatham House na di independent organisation of di UK goment wey dey torchlight policies of countries all over di world.

Di interview wey di Deputy Director of Chatham House Dr Renata Dwan bin chair, dey come at di time when president Muhammadu Buhari imsef dey UK dey do medical tourism.

From compulsory medical insurance to di kontri debt to oda programmes di Buhari administrations believe say dey touch di lives of Nigerians, Prof Yemi use di one hour interview “sell” im work and that of di federal goment.

We torchlight three of di topics wey Prof Osinbajo raise.


One of di major challenge for Nigeria na affordable house for pipo, something wey di vice president say di current administration dey torchlight.

E say dia ‘Social Housing Scheme’ wey don start for 12 states na for anybody wey dey collect di minimum wage and ready to spend 33% of dat money on top housing.

Prof Osinbajo say di goment don manage to build houses wey no cost pass N2m ($5,200).

According to di federal goment agency website dem launch for December 2020, di price to buy di houses na N2m for 1 bedroom house, N2.75m for 2 bedroom house and N3.5m for 4 bedroom house.

Dis housing scheme, according to di VP, go soon reach all 36 states of di kontri.

Vaccination program

Prof Osinbajo tok how im worry say wetin im call “vaccine nationalism” go affect Nigeria and oda African kontris.

Dis one na when big-big countries dey use dia power to kolobi vaccine for demsef instead of say make dem share am equal equal give every kontri.

“E possible say poorer countries fit suffer if di distribution of vaccine dey di hand of nationalistic sentiments wey we dey see everywhere.

“Any plan wey no be global one no go work,” Prof Osinbajo bin tok.

Broadband data

Di plan na to deliver broadband internet speed wey go reach minimum 25Mbps for urban areas and 10Mbps for rural areas.

Di vice president claim say di pandemic even help di kontri to do sharpaly-sharpaly to increase internet speed.

E say di goment need to do dis after dem torchlight say citizens need di service, for instance to do work from home.

E no dey clear how the goment take do dis speed increase wey di vice president tok, as na private telecoms companies dey provide most of di broadband wey Nigerians dey use.

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