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BBC Pidgin of Saturday, 3 April 2021


Egypt dey move dia ancient rulers dead bodies wey include Pharaoh in parade

 Egypt dey plan to pack di dead body of 22 of dia ancient rulers go one new museum for Cario later on Saturday.

Tori be say jolly go dey as dem dey expect crowds of pipo for di streets of Cario as dem dey carry di mummies inside golden caskets.

Di ogbonge parade, wey dem cari millions of dollars take do, go show 22 mummies wey include 18 kings and four queens.

Dem go cari di mummies for di peach-coloured, neo-classical Egyptian Museum go di new National Museum of Egyptian Civilisation.

Dem dey call am di Pharaohs' Golden Parade in di order wey dem bin rule. From di 17th Dynasty ruler, Seqenenre Taa II to Ramses IX wey rule for di 12th Century BC.

Some of di attractions na King Ramses II wey dey remembered as di pesin wey sign di first known peace treaty.

Queen Hatshepsut wey become ruler wen di customs at di time no allow women to become pharoahs.

How dem prepare for di Pharaohs' Golden Parade?

  • Dem dey cari each mummy for motor wey dem fix special shock absorbers and motorcade and horse-drawn war chariots.

  • Dem put nitrogen for di boxes wey dem put di mummies to protect dem from external conditions.

  • Dem don redo di roads wey di parade go pass to make di journey smooth.

  • Dis no go be di first time wey dem dey move di bodies. Salima Ikram, professor of Egyptology tok say dem bin move dia tombs to oda sepulchres for safety.

    Dem don dey di Egyptian Museum wey tourists from all ova di world for di past 100 years.

    Egyptian authorities dey hope say dis go reboost dia tourism industry wey ten years of political kasala and di pandemic don scatter.

    You go fit watch di event for onlinr rven as dem go open di Royal Hall of Mummies for general display from 18th April.

    'Curse of di Pharaohs '

    Historically superstition dey say to touch di Egyptian mummies dem fit cause serious kasla and even for King Tut tomb dem find di message.

    But e neva fit stop di parade. However, in di last week plenti kasala burst for Egypt.

    18 pipo die for train crash for Sohag, Upper Egypt and at least anoda 18 sie wen building collapse for Cairo.

    Den di Suez Canal wey di MS Ever Given cargo ship bin block for almost one week make pipo ask weda na di curse of di plharoahs dey cause am.

    Even Muslim Scholars tok say make dem treat di dead with respect and no dey showcase dia bodi. In fact for 1980, President Anwar Sadat bin order di shutdown of di Royal Mummy Room for di Egyptian Museum so dem go rebury di former rulers but e no happun.

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