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BBC Pidgin of Tuesday, 30 March 2021


Ghanaians go experience ‘dumsor’ from April to July – Dis be what you for know

Power distribution company Ghana Grid Company Limited (GRIDCo) say dem initiate conversations plus Electricity Company of Ghana (ECG) on load shedding timetable from April to July.

Officials for GRIDCo say dis load shedding necessary sake of some major maintenance works wey dem for carry out within de three-month period.

Corporate Communications Manager for GRIDCo, Ebenezer Amankwah explain say de parts of Ghana go experience intermittent power outages so say dema engineers go work on substations den plants across de country.

De maintenance work according GRIDCo be necessary so say dem go solve de congestion challenge on dema systems.

Load shedding Timetable

GRIDCo currently dey inside discussion plus management of ECG so say dem go come out plus load shedding timetable for de affected areas.

Dis be part of plans to GRIDCo allow households den businesses plan well for de three-month erratic power supply.

He added that they were "sure that after July this year, these key projects will be completed" and there will be stability in the system.

Officials say de load shedding timetable go cover communicate de specific areas which go be affected, de duration of de power outage den tins.

"We dey look at dis week to engage all de stakeholders den get some better agreement on de areas to be affected, when dem go be affected den de duration" Mr Amankwah reveal.

Impact of load shedding on Ghana economy

Between 2013 to 2016, Energy analysts reveal say Ghana lose up to USD 3 billion in terms of economic activities den thousands of losses during de almost four years power crisis.

At de peak of de power supply crisis, electricity users for de country experienced up to 16 hours without power daily.

Ghanaians term de erratic power supply den load shedding as "dumsor," de inconvenience cause demonstrations across de major cities of Accra den Kumasi where protestors bash govment for poor management of de economy.

How to prevent dumsor

Critical energy sector observers believe say de generation capacity for Ghana be okay but de political interference with power generation and distribution companies be de recent cause of dumsor.

Former Deputy Power Minister under NDC govment, John Jinapor say "political influence be de cause, you dey reduce tariffs so de people make happy but 3 years down de line we get erratic power supply."

Management of power sector for be transparent, dem for take de politics out den allow generation and distribution companies to run independent of political influence.

Once monies wey dis companies for make no dey come through sake of govment reduce tarrifs or give free electricity, e dey affect dema operations which subsequently dey cause power outages.

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