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George Floyd trial and simple explanation of wetin go happun to 'killer police' Derek Chauvin

Derek Chauvin, di former police officer wey dem video dey kneel down on George Floyd's neck before e die, dey on trial for Minneapolis.

Since Oga Floyd arrest and death on 25 May, di 19-year police veteran don remain largely out of di spotlight and free on bail.

Oga Chauvin go be di first of di four officers wey dey involved in di incident to stand trial.

He dey face di most serious charges out of di four pipo, plus second-degree murder. Chauvin don plead not guilty to di charges.

Di others dey charged wit aiding and abetting Chauvin alleged crimes.

What will happun to Derek Chauvin: Derek Chauvin charges?

Dem charge am wit second-degree murder and manslaughter.

Second-degree murder, mean say e cause death without intent. Di maximum sentence na 40 years.

Prosecutors also dey seek to add one charge of third-degree murder.

Legal experts say third-degree murder dey carry lesser sentence, but e dey easier to prove for court.

According to Minnesota state law, di maximum penalty for third-degree murder na 25 years.

To prove second-degree murder, prosecutors must convince jurors say Chauvin commit serious assault, and e be "substantial causal factor" for Floyd death.

Third-degree murder go require prosecutors to prove say Chauvin show reckless disregard for human life, but e no prove say an assault go lead to di death.

E no dey common for police officers for di US to dey charged, let alone convicted, for use of lethal force. Ds na partly because dem usually dey to argue dem fear for dia life.

Wetin go happun for Derek Chauvin trial?

Di trial start on 29 March and e dey expected to take at least one month.

Twelve jurors - plus two alternate (backup) jurors - go remain anonymous and unseen throughout di televised trial.

Dem don ask Potential jurors to submit questionnaires describe dia existing knowledge of di case, any previous contact wit police, and dia media habits.

Di jury go decide whether Oga Chauvin go serve time in prison or be acquit.

On di first day of di trial, Donald Williams III, wey be witness for di prosecution, say Oga Floyd dey "slowly dey fade away" during di nine minutes Oga Chauvin kneel down on im back and neck.

"Im eyes slowly roll to di back of im head" until "he no get any life for inside im body again", he tell di court.

Oga Chauvin lawyer argue im use of force dey "unattractive but necessary".

Derek Chauvin trial court rules

Di entire trial go dey streamed online - e dey unusual for US murder case.

Di judge don rule say na only one member each of di Chauvin and Floyd families fit dey for court at any one time.

Face masks wit slogans dey banned for di courtroom.

Wetin happun to George Floyd?

Di 46-year-old buy a pack of cigarettes for one convenience store for South Minneapolis on di evening of 25 May 2020.

One shop assistant believe say im use a fake $20 bill and call di police afta Oga Floyd refuse to give di cigarettes back.

Officers arrive and handcuff am but wen dem try to put am into di squad car, he resist. One struggle end wit Oga Floyd face down on di street.

Na dat time pipo begin dey video.

Oga Chauvin, 44, place im left knee on Oga Floyd neck, and keep am there for more than nine minutes, according to prosecutors.

Two oda officers help pin am down, while another prevent witness from intervening.

More than 20 times Oga Floyd say im no fit breathe. Di video show am going limp and police carry am away.

Dem pronounce am dead for hospital one hour later.

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