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Desmond Elliot: Why Nigerian lawmaker and Nollywood actor dey trend for social media

Desmond Elliot, Nigeria lawmaker and ogbonje actor Desmond Elliot, Nigeria lawmaker and ogbonje actor

Nigerian lawmaker Desmond Elliot dey trend 'every time' for Nigeria social media space dis days as young pipo dey call am out anytime anything go wrong for di kontri and for mostly tins wey no concern di Lawmaker.

With expressions like 'I blame Blame Desmond Elliot for this,' 'Na Desmond Elliot cause am' and so many others, di Nollywood actor and law maker wey dey represent di Surulere constituency for di Lagos State House of Assembly dey trend well-well.

Desmond Elliot bin once post on im Facebook page in April, wia im acknowledge how pipo dey blame am for everything.

E post picture wit di caption 'wetin dem tok say I do again?' as im wish Muslims a happy Ramadan and e end di post wit 'One love!'

Wetin Desmond Elliot do?

E no dey clear but wetin we know be say di whole 'Blame Desmond Elliot saga' start afta di ogbonge End Sars protest wey happun for Nigeria in October 2020.

Desmond Elliot begin trend for social media on top di comment im make afta di shooting wey happun for Lekki toll gate, Lagos, Nigeria on Tuesday 20 September.

For di house, im tok say "make celebrities, social media influencers stop di hatred, una get constitutional power to change tins with your PVC and if you dey tired, enta goment."

E also say if Nigerians no dey careful with di way looting dey go on for di kontri, in five years we fit no get any kontri.

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Elliot bin praise di speaker of di house say e condemn di katakata wey happun for Lekki.

E say, "I like to thank di speaker on how e take condemn di carnage wey happun for Lekki. Wen I enta di comments section I no fit believe am, children dey curse upandan, dem enta Oba Palace tiff im staff of office. In di next five years we no go get any Nigeria if we no start now.

"Di youth no be only those wey dey do di peaceful process, those wey dey loot, wey don destroy lives, dem be youth too."

Howeva for anoda video, e clear di air say im bin no dey try to push any bill to control social media, say wetin e bin dey try tok na to tell social media influencers make dem no dey use dia platform to spread hate for di kontri.

E say, "I dey beg everyone say dis one no be true. No state house of assembly get di jurisdiction to pass any kain bill like dis."

But e no stop social media to bash, di former actor, even singer, Davido call am out say "e don spoil all di beta memories e give us as pikin with im feems".

While some tok say e no do well say, e call dem pikin, odas dey ask make di pipo of Surulere recall am for wetin e tok.

One social media user, say Desmond Elliot show say di wahala no be to just get young pipo for goment because dem too fit dey clueless.

Oda celebs sef follow cancel di lawmaker even as oda pipo dey ask pipo for Surulere make dem no vote am again for 2023.

Desmond Elliot don apologise

Di lawmaker later enta social media to apologise say

"I don read your honest feedback and suggestion and I sincerely apologize for addressing di youth as "Children"

I no mean to dey insensitive wit dis, e dey borne out of di magnitude of destruction and looting of businesses wey I witness wen I go on a tour of my constituency

I see women cry and my constituent members sad as a result of di damages inflicted on dia source of livelihood. I dey moved by dis as I give my submission on di floor of di House.

I bin allow my emotions get di better of me and for dis I apologize to everyone wey my earlier statements fit don hurt. "

E also ask pipo to understand say even di best of us make mistakes.

"Dis na why, moving forward, I ask say make we all try to engage constructively on di issues wey affect all of us. I promise to do the same." he add am.

But dis no stop[ pipo to dey consistently call out di lawmaker on social media.

Recently, Nigerian actress Toyin Abraham bin weigh in on di mata for post wey she don later delete for Twitter, she say "Please can we all stop wit dis Desmond Elliot joke. Please e dey actually annoying now. I feel if we continue wit Dis joke then... kilode gan."

She later tok sorry wen pipo begin counter her tok.

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