Music of Friday, 15 June 2012

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Could Lousika be “Ungrateful”?

Any fan of music and specifically Ghanaian music might have witnessed an inclusion of female mcee who is currently making waves all across Ghana with a hit single “No be Alo”. Her inclusion into the rap game could somehow be termed as quick since from no where her songs were heard all over. She therefore joins the likes of Eazzy, Mzbel, Itz Tiffany and others but my concentration lies somewhere else.

With no disrespect to her management 2131, the song which brought Lousika to limelight “No bi Alo” featured another beautiful singer Kankam formally known as Kayci but lo and behold, very little is known about this wonderful Afro Pop singer.

Born Steven Kankam and a brother to Stars of the future season 4 winner Bertha, Kankam has featured on so many great songs such as “Desire” by Andy Dosty which features Trigmatic and the all popular song “No bi Alo”. In what seems to be an “ungrateful” attitude, on no occasion has this beautiful singer been called upon by Lousika or her management to perform this hit track together and reference is not even made of him (which is not compulsory on the team’s part).

Although, Kankam hasn’t lamented on this issue, I found it as an independent writer very interesting since this would have been a big platform for him to also sell himself as a brand to the general public who are much in love with the tune (not to make him a scavenger though). What baffles me is the fact that, everyone who sings the song goes like ” Ino be alo lo lo lo lo” and reference is made to Lousika.

In an early morning tweet to find out why everyone was mentioning the name of Lousika when the song was played and no emphasis placed on Kankam, Lousika who seemed to share that idea was the first to retweet. Perhaps,

I can in no manner blame the management of Lousika perhaps kankam has refused to take advantage of this hit single to push himself out there as well. I therefore wish Kankam well in his chosen field, music and to Lousika, soar high baby because the sky is the limit.**