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Music of Tuesday, 11 January 2005


Appietus In The Mix

Appietus It is now usual to all that the sky is no more the limit for the music industries. This is because of the numerous upcoming stars in the game, especially in the field of sound engineering, where one of Ghana?s? finest sound engineer is taking most of the share in the market.

Amongst the many, he is in the person of Mr. Appiah Danquah, popularly known as 'Appietus', who always insists on thanking God before doing any professional activity. He was born on 12th March, 1977 to Mr. Osei Opoku, (the former evening news editor of GBC in the 70?s) and Mrs. Susan Appiah. His dream was to become one of Ghana?s best pianists. His ambition to fulfill this dream, begun after he finished his required years in the second cycle institution for the reason being that, ?Music is a true feeling from within where nothing beyond the skies can escape its grip?.

It all started when he was a boy of 15 years in the cathedral. Here, he willingly upheld the play of the drums, the base guitar and the piano, to master his knowledge of the ethics in music. Nevertheless, upon all these, not all were in favour of his actions. His parents rather had wanted him to continue his studies, only to find young ?Appietus? falling for the idea of becoming a pianist. Continuing from there was his true journey to the point of his present achievement.

Constantly having his blazing ambition burning wild, his brother introduced him to Fredina Studioz, where he spent two years mastering the creating of sequence music. Later on, he was introduced to Kay?s frequency where he spent four years to initiate enough stamina for the ?game?. He finally spent another two years in Kampsite Studioz where he gained the final touch as a professional sound engineer. ?This was a dream come true?, he said. Miraculously from then, were days of blessings. To him, this was a time of true recognition of the completing cycle.

It has been his two years in the industry and his achievement has reached beyond the roof constantly making sure that, all artistes that encountered his works were on music charts. Some of his master works include the engineering of hitting tracks such as, ?Apuskeleke? and ?Scent no? by Sidney in 2002 -2003, ?Maafio? by Adane Best, ?Ashikele? by George Jarah in 2004, ?Onomgbo? by Lucky Mensah, ?Didadadidi? by Rex Omar in 2004, ?Rakia? by Kofi Nti in 2004, ?Paa kofi ba? by Ofori Amponsah, ?Araba? by Nana Yaw, ?Medofo adaada me? by Omanhene Pozo and ?Swinging mataata? by Nana Quame. To witness it, most of these musical tracks made it in the Local charts in 2004 leaving no doubt about his level of profession.

In the gospel field, he engineered, ?Wosore anopa? by Akosua Agyapong and Azigiza?s previous album including his pending songs.

In West Africa, he engineered one of Togo?s finest, Eric MC, the Black N***a on the songs titled ?Agyamofo? and ?Ninomofo?, illustrating about selfishness and pride amongst people.

Besides his profession, he operates a restaurant alongside a mobile sound sector that is meant to meet demands of playing music during ceremonies and parties. As a man he says, ?I believe that determination, hard work and the love for what you do in the name of the Almighty is the key to success?.

Beside all, he has a beautiful wife, Mrs. Freda Thorpe and two adorable children by name Nana Anson and Maame Nhyera, where he always makes sure that as a family man he spends a lot of quality time with them.

His level of ambition is to get into the international market just as his figure of interest, the owner of the Aftermath, Dr Dre. Upon his great profession, he loves playing video games and watching movies. About his favourite dish, his delicacy is one of Ghana?s well-known dish, fufu and goat soup. In addition, he has a taste in white colours because of its sense of purity.

He later concludes that, he loves his work and will forever be in the industry for life and advises all his fans and his fellows in the industry to be good in the name of the ?old man who created cola? and work hard with their hearts and mind.