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Music of Tuesday, 30 March 2021

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Yaga Yoman, the great roots Reggae sensation

Stepping to the stage fore to serve reggae just how Austria likes it is a hard combo service of riddim diversity, cultural authenticity, gluey chemistry and a stage craft that keeps splashing truly warm irie vibes into the atmosphere to thrill the audience but Yaga Yoman gives that steeze with super ease.

Doing reggae in Austria takes more than the cliché performance of songs that have the tired elements of the genre. The artiste must possess the groovy magic to keep the audience skanking through novelty as they Austrian reggae fans require a different roots treat. Yaga Yoman plays thrillingly to satisfy them just right, that his vibes keeps his audience clung to him the entire time he is on stage.

Yaga Yoman's music is not stuck to just Austria. His popularity is as well gaining grounds steadily outside Vienna. His songs are rotating on radio stations in Africa, America and other parts of Europe. He's taken dozens of on-phone radio interviews on stations in Ghana and other countries to spread his message.

Asked how he got his stage name, Yaga replied saying: "I got Yaga Yoman from "Let's Get Over", a song I made in 2002. In the song, I used "Yagayo", a slogan I learnt from Bob Marley. Fans started calling me Yaga Yoman the first day I performed the song. I then decided to use Yaga Yoman as my stage name".

Basically, Yaga Yoman was named by his fans.

Yaga started singing from the 90's. His music talks about e everyday life and he uses music as a tool to entertain, enlighten and liberate the masses.

Jamaica's reggae greats Bob Marley, Peter Tosh, Joseph Hill, Burning Spear, Morgan Heritage, Luciano and others have been a heaven influence on Yaga Yoman. He's taken a lot of powerful inspiration from them as his industry tutors.

Doubling as a record producer, Yaga makes his beats. He has not hired ghostwriters or co-writers yet. "I write my lyrics solo, picking inspiration from my personal experiences and clues from words of great men and books". Yaga said.

On a trip down Yaga's discography, there sit singles like "Baby Don't You Worry", "Games Men Play", "Unconditional", "This Is Your Song", "Solution", "Observers" and his albums are "Solution" and "Gimme Reggae".

Yaga Yoman plays with the BigRootsCrew Band.

On 31St December (2019), Yaga played at Club Derwisch in Vienna (Austria). He played at Graslerei-Graz (Austria) on 14th February (2020). These two notable gig dates are atop the many gigs Yaga has played.

In response to his he wants his music made, Yaga Yoman said "as a roots reggae singer, I would mostly use my reliable one drop and sometimes some AfroBeats rhythms.

Below is an interview video of Yaga Yoman saying more about his music and life.

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