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Stay away from water – Nigerian journalist warns Davido after breaking his promise to Chioma

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2021-04-01 07:44:04
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Stay away from water – Nigerian journalist warns

Wota cari mi go, if ah deh lie meik mi juh carry mi go. Oh, that's my best part of the lyrics. Nigeria artist are so sweet and romantic with our pidgin slangs. Madam Kemi we all know that there's power in the tongue, but as speculated by you, that OBO shouldn't go near water, that is a mere falacy, and the type of advise most foolish Ghanaians give to their artist Kikikikikikikiki am laughing in Idoma my native language. We Nigerians don't believe in this nonsense, so madam Kemi relocate to Ghana and be dishing such devilish advise to them, that is how Ghanaians live their lives under evil prophecies. Davido is a young man full of live, and in as much as i would like him to marry Chioma and be faithful to her, the possibilities of him achieving that goal is slim, why because musicians themselves are conspiracy theory. They hardly fuck one woman and Toto like Redemption and Nana Akufo Ado, because woman are dying to fuck them for free and for their fame, and that is why they just like Solomon diminishes in return before their careers end, it happens to both male and female musicians, but the male have the high tendencies of the virus. I know Redemption is having a fanfare ejeculation by now. Happy new month mate

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