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Nigeria overtakes India among 10 nations with population without electricity

Comment: No decent Nigerian

2021-04-01 05:11:27
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Nigeria overtakes India among 10 nations with popu

Every senseble African knows that Nigerians are suffering than everybody on the continent and even the whole world,check the zoogeria alias Nigeria background from 1972 till now,1 leading criminals,2 the most corrupt country in the world,3 almost all thier women's are prostitutes,4more zoogeria prisoners everywhere you go,5drug traffickers,human parts traffickers,6,strange diseases and hungry,7 zoogeria has more and strange terrorist group than any country then the latest news of more people without electricy zoogeria is leading.aba Fadah,bobo,uche,civil war Biafran,the country with highest covid 19 victims but they are bidding it from WHO.hungry is killing they can't go to South Africa again.

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03-31 20:52
No decent Nigerian
04-01 05:11