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Africa News of Friday, 7 May 2021


Ex-president Kabila's brother ousted as provincial governor in DRC

Zoe Kabila is brother of former president Joseph Kabila Zoe Kabila is brother of former president Joseph Kabila

Zoe Kabila was sacked as governor of Tanganyika province by the regional assembly on Thursday, according to officials, in a move that is set to widen the rift between the former head of state and President Felix Tshisekedi.

13 provincial deputies allied to Tshisekedi signed the motion to oust the younger Kabila accusing him of “poor governance, lack of respect for the institution of the Provincial Assembly and for the national authorities.”

“The 13 deputies who took part in the plenary session voted for Governor Zoe Kabila to be removed from office,” Cyrille Kimpu, a rapporteur for the assembly, told AFP.

Zoe Kabila was the last of the 26 governors in the DR Congo not to have declared support for Tshisekedi, who also commands a majority of support in the Senate and provincial assemblies.

The pro-Kabila Common Front for Congo (FCC), which claimed the move had violated procedure, expressed its displeasure at the turn of events.

An FCC legislator, Dominique Bota, alleged that Zoe Kabila had been busy on government business in the capital Kinshasa.

“The vote took place in Mr. Zoe Kabila’s absence,” Bota said, adding that 12 FCC deputies had also been prevented by the security forces from accessing the hall to vote.

The dismissal is also another blow to Kabila, who led the vast central African country for close to two decades.

Kabila, who left office in 2019, had established a web of support in politics, business and the military, casting a shadow over Tshisekedi, his successor.

The ensuing struggle for power between both camps saw Tshisekedi win over most MPs in the National Assembly in Kinshasa this year, allowing him to end a coalition government with the FCC and appoint his own prime minister.

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