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Africa Entertainment News of Friday, 21 May 2021


Don’t allow depression to kill you, speak up - Pretty Mike advises men with cheating partners

Nigerian socialites advocate that men should feel free to vent out their frustrations when their partners cheat. He said this is a better alternative to depression and death from silent pain.

Pretty Mike, known for his public appearance stunts, say society tends to stifle men from expressing their emotions. He said a man cannot express himself without being labelled as immature and talkative.

Ego may not allow a man to leave cheating partners because his friends would mock him. Unlike ladies who would receive sympathy should they share similar experiences.

He wrote, “Lastly, it’s easier for women to go online and cry foul, and the response would always be in their favor; the usual “men are scum” phrase would surface. But if a man ever comes out, world people will say “He talks too much. "Abeg" a lot of guys are currently dying in silence.”

He counselled men to open up and pour out their anger if they are frustrated. He said you can not be a hardworking man and still have people sleeping with your wife in your absence. And yet be afraid to confront her because people will laugh at you. He continued that if you should die out of depression, your wife will continue to have sexual relations in your house. And your children will be sent away to leave with a relative.