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Africa News of Friday, 26 March 2021

Source: GNA

Somalia warns foreign nations against meddling in internal affairs

Somalia has warned foreign countries and international partners against meddling in the country's internal affairs amid international pressure for leaders to urgently reach a deal on the electoral process.

Osman Dubbe, information minister, on Wednesday said the international partners who intend to interfere in Somalia's internal affairs will be deemed to have "crossed the red line."

"The federal government of Somalia urges our international partners and allies to respect Somalia's sovereignty and territorial integrity," Dubbe told a televised news conference in Mogadishu.

"Within the tenets of international law, it's illegal to intervene in a sovereign state's internal issues. That is a red line that must never be crossed," he warned.

The minister's remarks followed sustained pressure from the international community including the African Union, the EU, the UN and some Western countries that called on Somali leaders to strike a compromise and agree on the electoral process.

The partners warned those who undermine the dialogue or resort to the use of violence will be exposed to measures and will face the consequences of their actions.

"There are ambassadors who send messages to the Government and the people of Somalia that do not comply with international law and that violate the sovereignty of countries. Violation of the internal affairs of the Federal Republic of Somalia is an insurmountable red line," he added.

Somalia on December 1 missed a deadline to hold its parliamentary elections which were due to begin as agreed by the government and six regional states in September 2020.

Parliamentary and presidential elections were planned to be held between December 2020 and February, respectively.

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