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It would've been chaotic if we had brought in all returnees at a go - Foreign Affairs Ministry

Comment: Always Lying To Claim Credit

Kojo Sromani
2020-05-26 17:59:44
Comment to:
It would've been chaotic if we had brought in all

LIAR!!!How can you be claiming that you evacuated the people from Kuwait when it is public knowledgethat the government had nothing to do with it. They were deported by the Kuwaiti government, period. Ghanaians should by now have known the NPP and their lies, deception and propaganda which always seek to take credit for things, the genesis of which they know nothing about. Examples abound like the Pokuase, Obetsebi Lamptey and Tema motorway Interchanges, the Tema -Mpakabang railway lines and this deportation exercise. After wasting over 130 million cedis of borrowed money on consumption, and with virtually nothing concrete to show, they have resorted to trivialities and false appropriation of projects to deceive the public. God will surely punish these lying brigades and their ever empty-head sycophantic buffoon supporters.

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