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Sack Akonnor, dissolve ‘incompetent’ Black Stars management committee – GFA told

Comment: $35,000 per month salary for CK!!!

2020-02-13 17:01:02
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Sack Akonnor, dissolve ‘incompetent’ Black Sta

I’m not surprised about Abbey’s reaction to CK & GA. I know CK will fail because of how he started. He is doing the same things all the failed Black Stars previous coaches did, traveling around Europe squandering the Nation’s money. Ghanaians! You should all depend this nonsense to end! The coach is paid $35,000 per month, he is flying around Europe talking to players when he can use fucking phone and call then from Ghana. Why the fuck he need to travel around Europe! Avram Grant did the same, followed by AA, and they both failed black stars. Now CK is doing the same shit! Avram Grant had a reason to do that because he was not a Ghanaian and didn’t know the players well enough. CK knows all these players very well. This guy is getting paid $35,000 per month! I can guarantee you that all his expenses right now, the flight, lodging, and food is not coming out of that $35,000. This is a separate money from the government. Ghanaians! WHERE IS YOUR RAGE!!! You all are getting banged in the ASS by these thieves! And you’re not doing anything about it, I guess you all like it, getting fucked in the ass! I’m pissed off!!!

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02-13 14:34
St. Ghfuo: show love & be optimistic
02-14 07:51
$35,000 per month salary for CK!!!
02-13 17:01