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Ibrahim Tanko questions commitment of Black Stars players after Kenya defeat

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Col. Q
2018-09-10 16:09:13
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Ibrahim Tanko questions commitment of Black Stars

I have said it over and over again, and would continue saying it!The technical team lack the knowhow to manage a team! The players still don't have confidence in them, simple said , the players are used to a different level coaching and management! Like I said , if GFA still insist on employing local staff or indegines of Ghana to manage the Black Stars , there a lot of better qualified and prepared Ghanaian trained and educated football coaches/managers out there waiting only to be asked! The present technical team is completely ideas , modern football-management coaching and tactically bankrupt! "Aplanke" coaches pretending to be coaches! The players are committed, but don't know what to do with "clueless" lessons imparted to them. The coaching lessons or instructions they get contradict what they are used to at their various clubs abroad.These players are not yet ripe and experienced enough independently read a game and apply the tactical instructions they have recieved, it means they require the necessary guidance from the technical team;but the technical team is also bankrupt with ideas or tactics! So what the players try to do is just play what they can, no leadership on the field, because it has become "each one for himself, God for us all" - and this looks as if they are not committed. They are committed but they are not getting the technical and tactical support from the bank and this makes them helpless on the field!!! If Tanko really made that statement, that the players were not committed enough, then he has no business to do with the Black Stars! If a player is not committed enough, you notice it during the camping and training sessions before the match, and you the coach consequently choose your starting 11, you also have the reserves on the bank!

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09-10 15:16
Re: Ibrahim Tanko questions commitment of Black St
Col. Q
09-10 16:09