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Paralyzed former Black Star, Agyeman Duah gets support from Legend Club

Comment: Way forward

2017-12-21 17:20:45
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Paralyzed Agyemang Duah gets support from Legend C

I know I may get some push back from some of the contributors to this forum however I will echo the sentiments that have been shared here already. Somebody in the Sports ministry, the GFA or even the government must issue a statement as to what is being done to help former sportsmen and women in Ghana. This should start with Sannie Diarra who is the GFA's communications director. Sannie, for some of us who were with you during the early part of your Journalism career, we thought you were going to champion such causes instead of being seen as part of a "murky"status quo. Sannie, if you are reading these comments , its time to step up and turn your credibility around by being the first to donate to a special fund for former players who find themselves in situations such as this. For once do something! Yes, this may be a tall order for you but it is not too late to salvage your "not so good" reputation. We on this forum can only do so much. When Ghanaians stand together we can always win. I am ready to send my humble donation and hope that this fund(if it hasnt been set up already) is going to be well-managed for the benefit of those who need them. Happy Holidays to all the great men and women on this forum. The diverse opinions expressed here are good for our young democracy. God bless our homeland Ghana.

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Way forward
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