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2018 World Cup qualifiers: It will take a miracle for us to qualify - Asamoah Gyan

Comment: BStar = Primadonnas and Divas

StGhfuo: is this the best you can do?
2017-09-02 09:53:52
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2018 World Cup qualifiers: It will take a miracle

Bstars is no longer a team of our best core of players. If you consider yourself a primadonna, attention seeker, fashionista or a diva. U will and are eligible to play for Gayna bstars! Premier teams like brasil, spain, Argentina, portugal, Germany, Italy, whom we should be aspiring to be will NEVER call up an mls based player or Norway based player to the squads but look at us? Are we serious? We are not. God helps those who help themselves. We call Ghana a soccer nation yet look at our soccer structures, stadiums? Are we serious? Pls, get rid of appiah, Konadu and especially nyantakyi. Let tanko or desailly take over bstar. Let the best Gh local coach take over chan team and let the gfa exec cmtte be made up of ONLY owners of the premier LG clubs. Infact, the gpl must be run by an independent plboard like it is done in s Africa or England. We must wholistically clean house or else we will continue going around in circles and blowing money! I mean how can appiah delusionally think he can malign and omit players like assifuah, Kasa, John antwi, kpb, wakasu, donsah, akaminko, adomah, Nana poku, okrah, boakye yiadom, fosu Mensah, kwarasay and expect to qualify for wcup? U want to reap what u hvnt sown? The laws of nature don't operate that way. That is why Gh can't win a trophy. U think u can do the wrong things and reap rewards? U are silly! U appiah u collect petty dollars and euros from undeserving players and field them for qualifiers and u expect to miraculously win and qualify to wcup? Wat a fucking moron! U think success occurs by fluke? Aky3 aky3 biaa w) n'afe. Appiah, u have shown u are not a good coach. We have finally seen it. You are fuckin fired! Based on what I've seen from you. U will never amount to anything as a trophy winning coach anywhere. Mark it

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09-02 09:36
BStar = Primadonnas and Divas
StGhfuo: is this the best you can do?
09-02 09:53