Sports Features of Tuesday, 12 August 2014

Source: Raymond Yeboah

FIFA 2nd letter must be taken seriously

GFA,led by workaholic president Kwasi Nyantakyi, have been given a mandate by world governing body FIFA -autonomously organize everything concerning football and they are accountable to only those who are within the game.

There is no FIFA rule that compels any government to support its association with financial matters but the popularity of football is such that some of the politicians are using it as a tool to earn political points.

The various governments indulges in football matters to earn credit and popularity because football has somehow become the passion of the nation. Fifa, second letter has come at the right time because anything concerning football organization at the Brazil must be salted out with the congress. if there should be any investigation that transpired at the world cup,the ministry must be held responsible because they were the handlers of any financial issues at the event.The GFA Communication director Saani Daara, has done good job educating how dangerous FIFA ban on football nation is,not that the FA is afraid of the commission but it is the responsibility of the FA to make sure Ghana is not ban.

Some people are calling out for FIFA ban, because football is not their earning job.

Just one world cup failure shouldn't be a yardstick to haunt the good job the football administration is doing.

Those 3 names that popped up to contest against Nyantakyi, the likes of Abedi Pele,Randy Abbey and Helbert Mensah are only going to make the election competitive but wasting their time base upon achievement and capabilities credentials.

if Abedi Pele could not even sort out himself from captaincy role, Herbert Mensah was unpopular in financial issue at Kotoko and Randy Abbey was not efficient enough when he was GFA Communication director,l would say Kwasi must go unopposed.