Sports Features of Wednesday, 9 July 2014

Source: Eric Okotah

Nyantekyi : Accept Failures & Stop the blame game

The President of the Ghana Football Association ,Kwesi Nyantekyi , seem to arrogantly deny every allegations regarding the Brazil 2014 fiasco , thereby creating the impression that everyone else who was at the tournament from players, supporters, the press and even, Ghana's World Cup Committee member, Kojo Adu Asare were all not truthful about events and situations before ,during and after the Ghana's exit.

Its about time the corrupt Nyantekyi stop blaming everyone else but himself for the failed 2014 World Cup campaign. Accept your failures

Interestingly Nyantekyi has been using his position as the GFA president and unofficial spokesperson to put in public domain what he anticipates the passionate Ghanaian soccer fans would like to hear. Has he been able to present any opportunity for the players to freely express themselves to Ghanaians about how they have been treated. Its always what the corrupt Nyantekyi tells the public.

The GFA president has not denied publicly that he ,his wife and two children were in Brazil and travelled on the business class along side Elvis Afriyie Ankrah and his family at the tax payers expense, while the players who needed their legs for the tournament were dumped in the economy class I want to make Nyantekyi aware that there is something called aviation records to prove himself. I have travelled many times on both the economy and business class, so I knew the feelings when Kelvin Boateng expressed that sentiment. Kelvin has travelled all over Europe with teams and personally so he knows what he is saying.

Unassuming and innocent looking goaltender Adam Kwarasey in an interview with a Norwegian newspaper confirmed the allegation by Kelvin Prince Boateng that John Boye and captain Asamoah Gyan asked the coach to replace or drop him because they could not communicate with him in the local dialet. Don't they speak English which is the medium of communication everywhere. He has also expressed doubt if he wants to continue with his national duty and questioned the competence of the goalkeepers trainer

Nyantekyi you and all your non essential members in Brazil have not denied receiving your share of the appearance fees of $ 100,000 the players agitated for and for which you insisted that that President John Mahama send to Brazil to avoid the boycott. Nyantekyi be bold to tell the Ghanaian public the amount each non essential GFA member as well as the executive committee members received and for which job they did in Brazil.

You have not made mention any where in any of your bogus press conference or denied the fact that the FIFA General Secretary Jerome Valcke expressed willingness to pay the appearance fees as long as you could provide the written agreement between the GFA and players.

Its on record that you denied that the Brazillian authorities have deducted their 17 percent tax from the over $ 3 million appearance fees that was air lifted to the Black Stars through your irresponsible and ineffective leadership style thereby putting undue pressure on President Mahama to do the unthinkable , making the country a laughing stock.

Nyantekyi, the leading newspaper in Brazil the Globo ,the British Broadcasting Corporation [BBC} as well as a member of the Ghana WC committee have all admitted that Ghana gave the Brazillians free money in the form of tax on their appearance fees, yet you are claiming no monies have been paid on the appearance fees

Kwesi you have undermined and hurt your own integrity ,honesty, trust and above all credibility by your own actions. Even though I don't not encourage any form or act of assault, I believe the GFA members deserve more than what Sulley Muntari did. This stem from the fact that for far too long these nation wreckers and saboteurs have milked the nation for far too long and Muntari who has served the nation for a long time could no longer the manner these non essentials were taken advantage of the players and the tax payers so he snap. I remember a former coach of the Black Stars in the 1990's, Burkard Ziese prevented the non essentials from travelling with the team because they had no business instead in place of the non essentials he told players who could not make the squad for exposure.

Sulley Muntari has sacrificed himself for a worthy cause to exposed all that have been swept under the carpet for many decades and the players frustration have turned into anger leading to the near boycott. In every revolt there are people who sacrifice themselves others even die for the cause. Ghanaians should not lose sight of the fact that Sulley has made appearance at all the three World Cup and the situation, circumstances, conditions and poor leadership style that forced Ex -Captain Stephen Appiah and same Kelvin Boateng to retire prematurely are worst . Ghanaians should remember the circumstances why Michael Essien had the lukewarm attitude towards the Black Stars. Its the same characters and the same management and same situation

Nyantekyi you have led the national team to three World Cups in Germany ,South Africa and the on going Brazil 2014 and for you to have stated that "We have our bitter lesson learnt" is a shame and embarrassment , pointing to your ineffective and poor management qualities. Since 2009 you have led national team and its been bedeviled with unending problems in a descending order tournament after tournament. This means you are incompetent and must therefore step down.

Kwesi you have outlived your usefulness and enough is enough .Step down

You perceive journalist and other sports administrator who criticized you as our enemies.

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By Eric Okotah

US based Ghanaian Journalist