Soccer News of Tuesday, 17 June 2014

Source: GNA

Ghana fans in Brazil demand relocation

Hundreds of Ghanaian football fans in Natal, Brazil are grumbling over the positioning of the Ghana camp at Mardunas Centro De Eventos, outskirts of Natal.

Mardunas Centro De Eventos, a 185 apartment facility is located in the outskirts of Natal, limiting access and movement to town.

The camp, a 45-minute drive from Natal ensures one travels through a long stretch of uncultivated green land on both sides of an untarred road before reaching town.

In addition, one requires a minimum of 100 Brazilian Real, an equivalent of 50 USD to travel to town and back, a situation which has sent the fans grumbling.

Though the camp remains a standard facility, the location is of a village setting; compelling the supporters sponsored by the Ministry of Youth and Sports to question the rationale behind the selection of the camp by officials and members of the World Cup Committee.

Leaders of the various supporters group say they had met officials and expressed dissatisfaction over the location of the camp.

According to them, the location of the camp makes them feel like they were in a detention camp. “We came to Brazil to see how well the country is developed and have a feel of the competition. Rather we have been brought to a village.

“If I knew I was coming to stay at a place like this, I will have stayed in Ghana.” One angry supporter said.

Agbesi Nutsu, an official at the camp said the venue was selected based on cost and the need to house all supporters in one place.

He said that entertainment centres had been created in town for the supporters, adding the fans will be conveyed to the place each day after breakfast and return to the camp in the evening.

“These are the measures we have put in place to make their stay here a memorable one”.