Boxing News of Wednesday, 9 April 2014

Source: Sammy Heywood Okine

Powers fails to sign 'Judgment Day' contract

…but promise to fight on May 16

Michael “Ayitey Powers” Okine caused another drama at the Accra Sports Stadium on Tuesday afternoon when he refused to sign his part of the contract for the May 16 Judgement Day Boxing Fight against Braimah Kamoko aka Bukom Banku.

The second signing ceremony for the big bout which was called at the instance of the Ghana Boxing Authority (GBA) with its executives and a section of the media present was called of after Ayitey Powers said he would love to fight but something will happen after the fight.

According to Ayitey Powers he consulted his prophet and spiritual father T.B Joshua who advised him not to sign, because he is now a changed person and has to seek spiritual advise before fighting.

Ayitey Powers who was accompanied by a spokesman Daniel Akorful, manager Kwame Asomaning and trainer Rashid Williams also called Believer was given some time by the GBA President and Executives to reconsider his decision not to sign, but he insisted that the bout must be on hold for sometime.

Daniel Akorful who presented a petition to hold on to the fight explained that the Powers camp just want to obey the instructions of the man of God and respect the message.

Later, Ayitey Powers said he will fight on May 16, but will not sign the contact on Tuesday, April 8, 2014.

Peter Zwennes, President of the GBA who was not enthused with the behavior of Ayitey Powers cautioned that if he does not sign, the GBA will decend heavily on him with sanctions.

“As far as the GBA is concerned 18th April was the fixed date, but we considered the promoters plea to postpone the fight to 16th May. We are not happy with the turn of events because the image of Ghana Boxing is at stake. We cannot force Powers to sign, but at the appropriate time, we shall take a decision” he said.

Bukom Banku was charged at the Media Centre and insisted that Powers must be forced to fight because he challenged him to intensify his training and preparations towards the fight.

“It is a fight the whole world wants to see. I was sitting down quietly at Bukom and Powers challenged me. Why is is now running away? As for this fight, it must come on. Why does Powers want to spoil the fight? ” asked the African WBO cruiserweight champion.

Richard Attoh-Okine, a USA based boxing fan said boxing contracts must be obeyed and urged the GBA to sanction boxers who flaut the laws.