Sports News of Sunday, 6 April 2014


Yahaya Mohammed: People judge me by my rasta hair

Local Black Stars striker, Yahaya Mohammed, who plays for Kotoko has disclosed that people misperceive him to be a bad boy because of his rasta hair style.

The forward is being put on ice by the Porcupine Warriors for leaving without permission to sign a pre-contract with Al Ittihad and has been tagged a firebrand by many soccer faithful, but he thinks it is a mere misconception.

“People just don’t know me well that is why they say all kinds of things about me on radio. If you sit down to analyse what I do, you will never say Yahaya is stubborn,” the Kotoko striker told Metro fm.

“In Ghana, whenever there is a misunderstanding between an elderly person and a young one, it is concluded [that] the young one is guilty while the elderly person is innocent, but mostly they are guilty and a similar thing is happening between me and the management of Kotoko.

“Soccer fans shouldn’t judge me by my rasta hair and say I am bad to tarnish my image. Our perception about rasta haired people is wrong, that is why a thief nicely dressed in suit will hide a gun and rob us while a rasta man that we suspect him to do that will not attempt it.”

The three man committee which was set up by Kotoko to investigate what really transpired when the former Tema Youth player went AWOL to Libya, has completed their work and is expected to bring their findings and recommendations.