Sports Features of Friday, 1 March 2013

Source: Spelly, Kwabena

Stop Insulting The Intelligence Of Ghanaians Daraa

When Black Star player,John Paintsil, assault allegation broke out in the media.As reported on Joy Fm sister station Asempa Fm ,that the Ghanaian player had assaulted his wife,and was in the grip of the Police. knowing how the news are exaggerated in the Akan local language, I assimilated the story with a grain of salt and went online to check and to authenticate the content of the story from other source.

My finding from other media houses revealed that, and I quote’ the P.R.O of Greater Accra Police, Mr.Freeman Tettey,in an interview said that, Mr. Paintsil is being held for assault. The next day,Boom!!! The communication director for the Ghana Football, Ibrahim Sannie Daara, said, I quote’’ the report was not the true reflection of what happen, he went further to state that, there was no stabbing,the wife was not unconscious and she did not jump a wall as reported’’.Hello Mr.Daara, it takes two to tango, and your pronouncement insulted the intelligence of the Ghana Police service,the media fraternity and the entire Ghanaian’s.

It’s known that the media could blow stories out of proportion, but not when a ‘’simple domestic issue’’ as Mr.Daara hade made us to believe,walked from from couples’ Trassco Estate residue, to the Police station,and the alleged assault confirmed by a journalist.

Whether John Paintsil, did stab his wife or not, Ghanaian’s ain’t interested in that. The fact was the wife was a victim of domestic violence, which needs to be condemned and the GFA had no business with the case. Ever since,Mr.Daara,was appointed the communication director for the GFA,I have kept a keen interest and study his body language on TV,when it comes to issues of the Black Star.The dude body language and eyes keeps blinking every seconds, and it call for the attention.You don’t need to be a body language expert,to deuce the information he is channeling out, whiles I don’t want to believe that he may be suffering from Blepharospasm, a disorder of the eye.

We all testify to the fact that,we were in Ghana,when Mr.Daara and his paymasters within the GFA,painted a good picture about our national team,even though others knew all was not well with our national team. What happened? An abysmal performance from the Black star during the AFCON tournament.

In conclusion, I’m made to believe that,Mr.Ibrahim Sanaa Daara,was brought in by the GFA mafia,to channel out lies, mixed with half baked truth about our national team, for their parochial interest.when he feels he is ready to move on to other challenging role,I suggest he joins the NDC or the NPP Party,such talent is needed by this two political parties, for their propaganda works.

Kwabena Spelly