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Sports Features of Sunday, 24 February 2013

Source: Raymond Yeboah

John Painstil must be jailed

By Raymond Yeboah

John Painstil must be charged for an attempted murder and domestic violence. How on earth should a player of his calibre commit such an act and be left roaming freely on bail. The difference between what he did to his wife and what Oscar Pistorious did is the death that did not happen but he nearly killed her.

He should be used as a scapegoat based upon what is currently happening in our country of late – husband killing wives all over. The police shouldn't accept his wife’s plea that nothing happened so all charges must be dropped against her husband.

All the stakeholders in this country’s football must also sanction John Painstil as Nike did to South African Olympian, Oscar Pistorious who committed the same offense against his girlfriend, because he is a disgrace to manhood. Beating a woman is dangerous offense in the Western world.

The players themselves should be accountable to the nation for causing financial loss to the country, after being paid with taxpayers’ money, they did not go there to play football but rather used our money on women.

The police shouldn't have given him a bail, he must face the full rigours of the law because no one is above the law no matter one’s popularity. The Chief Justice and IGP must all come in. The Police in charge of the case, Freeman Tettey must be compelled to act.

The Police gave him too much respect. He has been freed, meanwhile the guy plays his football in lsrael, and he could bribe the police.