Sports Features of Friday, 28 December 2012

Source: Raymond Yeboah

B/A RFA Chairman has done nothing wrong

It always remains true that a citizen of a country irrespective of
his or her stature can go to court on any issue that they don't agree upon. But
I should believe that going to court also demands deep sense of a case winning
machination to defy all odds.
The case that a sports journalist, Urial Cubagee has given 30 days
ultimatum to Brong Ahafo Regional Football Association Chairman, Mr. Asante,
with accordance of GFA regulations, must act on the rules by setting up
certain representatives in his administration to help him, is a hoax and
lacks factual evidence.
If Cubagee wants to take Mr. Asante to court, he can do so and
nobody has resisted him from that right. But leapfrogging from one FM station
to another and threatening to go to court is a wrong method, it makes it seem
that he is only seeking for public fame.
After cross checking all GFA regulations concerning this issue, I can
emphatically say that the RFA Chairman is on the right track with his current
administration and l would as a colleague media man, advise him not to follow
the advice of those hidden persons who because of their selfish interests want
Mr. Asante out of office through this controversy.
The Brong Ahafo Regional Football Association is being run in accordance
with the GFA regulations. All the departments have their representatives to
refute allegation that only the chairman and the secretary are working in that
Ever since Mr. Asante assumed office as RFA Chairman, all football
activities in Brong Ahafo Region, from Colts, Division Two and Division One leagues
are doing fantastically well. The competitiveness of the Division One League is
a good reflection of the number of clubs that are promoted to the elite
The man isn't selfish, so he managed to put up a fine office for
the body, which we were all proud of when FA President Nyantakyi came to
inaugurate the project. Why is it that Sunyani in particular, anytime a good
thing comes our way we always follow our stomach and in the name of
controversy, try to destroy it? Today, the capital town lacks a Premier League
status because of few individuals who only act on their selfish gains.
What is the capacity of Mr. Cubajee in sending the RFA to court, I
ask. .A sports journalist of his type should know this that he can only put up
this challenge to the RFA, if he is currently in a capacity as any club
The B.A. United administration of Ransford Kofi Yeboah that had
him as Public Relation Officer are no longer in office, so Mr. Asante should be
allowed in a peaceful atmosphere to work. Anybody who fights him, must get
their facts correct because the structure of that body absolutely has no errors.
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