Transfers of Thursday, 6 December 2012

Source: footyghana

Second transfer window officially opens on December 10

The Premier League Board will open the second Transfer Window for all clubs in the Premier League on Monday, December 10, can officially confirm.

Registration of players can be done for both regular and reserve sides during this period.

The transfer window will be opened four weeks and is expected to close at 5pm on Tuesday, 8th January, 2013.

According to reliable source, the Premier League Board (PLB) after closing the registration window the previous day will publish the names of newly registered players from January 9-15 and the verification process has been set for January 18-22.

Unlike the previous years where teams registered any number of players they wanted, all 16 clubs were allotted fifty slots to register both regular and reserve players this season.

Any team which registered exhausted all the 50 slots during the first round cannot register any player in the second window unless the team transfers some of its registered players to other clubs and replace them with new ones.

2nd window Registration

Registration Starts: December 10, 2012

Registration Ends: January 8, 2013

Publication: January 9-15, 2013

Verification: January 18-22, 2013