Sports Features of Wednesday, 28 November 2012

Source: Raymond Yeboah

Some Sports presenters are a disgrace to the profession

Media in Europe is the most respected institution because of
their committed loyalty. There is no way one can hear the news of media bribery
in Europe but what do we see in Ghana? Because radio is in ascendancy, many are
those who use the power of radio to fill their empty stomachs.
Especially, Sports presenters in this nation use their
sports presentation as a medium to enrich themselves without realizing the
bad image given to the profession. Sports journalism in the past, was more
credible than present. There wasn't a time a seasoned sports journalist like
the late Joe Tetteh Kofi, Karl Tuffour, just to mention a few were accused of
begging for money from any GFA member at a tournament.
l was sad to hear GFA capo, Kwesi Nyantakyi give the reason
why they omitted the media relation fee of 70,000 US Dollars from the 2013
AFCON budget, accusing some sports journalists of begging for money from a
Minister at the 2006 World Cup tournament, so in order to avoid such begging
attitude is why they put in media relations fee in the budget.
How shameful and very pathetic it is for the very
respectable institution like this. I will like to challenge the GFA President to
kindly come out with the names of those cheap sports presenters who are
dragging the high name of the profession into disrepute.
I also know that the supposed $70,000 media relations fee
wasn't meant for the media in general so Nyantakyi should come again. I know
some stomach sports presenters who when listening to their programmes, could
undoubtedly tell you that they are on air just to promote the cause of the FA,
whether good or bad.
They are there not to criticize but counter any one who goes
against the bad deeds of the FA. Some of these sports presenters got their root
in the region I am in now, they left poor but rich now. Anyone who tells the
truth is the enemy, we shouldn't depend on increase of palm to destroy the
development of the country's football.
Do you know why Prince Tagoe and other few footballers who
at certain stages don't fit in the selection of the senior national team,
Black Stars but were still playing? The hype of the media was promoting them
despite non-performance. Some of the sports presenters in this country are on
the pay role of these players.
Ghana fails in numerous tournaments because we hype blindly,
facing facts is no longer operational in Ghana. Bribery to some sports
journalist have hidden certain factual truth that when addressed could have
done the country some good.
The GFA president should know that the media is not about
only Accra, it should be general across the whole country. He should also
desist from using the media as a front to rob Ghanaian taxpayers’ money in
the name of few selected sports presenters who only use the profession as a
bait to make money within a short period of time.
Shame to such sports presenters who get their salary at the
GFA headquarters.
I am done