Sports Features of Wednesday, 31 October 2012

Source: Raymond Yeboah

Sports presenters taking to politics because of money

Politics goes with an extreme knowledge and not only being famous but the wit to sacrificially-lead the people. Truly, man needs to move forward in life but for one to become a parliamentarian, it does not only take the fact that the person qualifies as a Ghanaian but the zeal and wherewithal of that fellow.

For somebody to gain an entry into Parliament, he should be a morally upright with an unblemished record as far as behavior is concerned. How can u enter Parliament with this so called local commentary? Sports presentation is the cheapest job any person can take without any qualification.

Even professors in Parliament are sometimes accused of not making contribution at the legislative house. The technicalities involved in law making is not that of Twi commentary (‘obi manso’ and such vernacular wagons).

To me, these people are quitting sports presentation for politics because of their stomach. I thank some of the constituencies who knew this and turned them down in the elections four years ago. Some of these radio presenters believe because they have listeners they can enter Parliament with ease. This same mistake once cost the great George Oppon Weah of Liberia who thought he can be a president because of his fame in football circles. To be a good footballer does not mean that you can be a good administrator, as well it takes special technicalities to achieve that.

I know a sports presenter who even couldn't lead a football club as a public relations officer in this country but today vying for a parliamentary seat. He led supporters of that club in attacking a fellow club, resisting them of entering the stadium with their Voltic water cans.

Again, these people have soon forgotten that they are prostitutes in radio terms, jumping from one radio station to the other makes them not consistent in character, which to me they did all because of money. So wanting to go to Parliament, I am convinced it is no other thing than the same money matter.

Those constituencies that bear such aspirants must be careful, they should be told point blank to remain in their profession of “ekaaa ketekete” and allow the well-educated politicians to be in a class of their own.

I am not a prophet of doom but none of the sports presenters would win the vote for Parliament in this year’s election. Our Parliament needs parliamentary minds and the sports field needs the mind of sports presenters. This article has nothing to do with mediocrity, it is a fact. I am done.