Sports Features of Wednesday, 24 October 2012

Source: Raymond Yeboah

Kotoko can't eat their cake and have it

Every strong team no matter how their structure is, need good players to perform. Spanish side FC Barcelona are rated the best team in the world today because of their great players.

Any factual analysis, if it’s not a mere fanatic sentiment, would understand what I mean. To build a strong and winning team, cannot just be only about money. Kotoko have got so many sponsorship deals since K.K. Sarpong took over that indicates that administratively, he is the best.

But for now l can tell you that he can be infamous if he doesn't stop selling the best players in the club to potential opponents Kotoko can meet in the near future in continental tournaments.

This current Kotoko team to me, lack African Champions’ League potency. Kotoko will certainly get results with their new recruits in the near future, but not this year. Nana Kwame Dankwa, a management member of the club, should not put the frustration of the team on the newly appointed Referees Committee Chairman, Randy Abbey. I don't see why any time Kotoko start getting bad results, they don't want to check their own mistake but apportion the blame on somebody else. The fact that Randy is a fan of Accra Hearts of Oak doesn't mean he would act against his professional aptitude. If it’s about referees’ performances, we all saw Kotoko's game against Amidaus Professionals at Baba Yara and how the referee biasedly refused to send off goalkeeper Amoako for the red card offence he committed. Again, look at the penalty awarded to Kotoko when they played against Heart of Lions. Why is it that they always want sweet results but can’t swallow bitter pills? Last season, when Kotoko won the league, they did not come out to accuse any referee but today what do we see? It is about high time their lovely supporters realised only one fact, that, the management doesn't accept their mistake but shifting the focus of the supporters in their favour is the management’s trademark.

A worthy champion is the one who sees a mistake and rectifies it for success. Randy Abbey should be allowed do his job because Kotoko can’t sell their good materials and expect good results. Three matches, 3 points shows that they are desperate and in a rebuilding process and it takes time to get a cordial team. I am done.