Soccer News of Friday, 4 January 2002

Source: gna

"Home-takes-all" decision reversible only by congress

Mr J.Y. Appiah, chairman of the Ghana League Clubs Association (GHALCA) has stated that the only avenue aggrieved clubs could use to change the host takes all policy is through the association's congress.

Speaking to GNA Sports on Thursday, Mr Appiah said the decision was taken at the congress of the association and it is binding on all clubs as it was a majority decision of the house.

Mr Appiah said the clubs making so much noise in the media have no cause to complain, adding that, "no amount of noise can reverse any decision, but only congress can".

He said the decision came about due to the numerous dubious strategies adopted by home clubs to cheat their guests and therefore the only way to check the evil trend was to come out with a policy that would make clubs to organise their home matches well in order to generate money.

Mr Appiah debunked the argument by certain clubs that their facilities are below standard saying that clubs like King Faisal, Liberty Professionals and Ghapoha do not earn the same amount of money Hearts and Kotoko get from their matches, hence there is no basis for any argument of poor facilities.

He said clubs, which make noise over the issue are the few ones who voted against the policy when it was being passed, adding that "majority carries the vote".

On referees, Mr Appiah said that the situation where referees' allowances were unduly delayed would be a thing of the past as plans are afoot to effect prompt payment of such stipends in order to encourage them and to boost their morale.