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Essien Eyes Nations Cup Title

Comment: Listen to the "Generals" !!

2007-06-26 15:48:46
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Essien Eyes Nations Cup Title

When the President (Akwasi Osama bin Nyantakyi) finished eating his fufu last night, laying in bed and rubbing his fat belly and bragging to Ghanaians...................."Vee Vill Vinned CAN 2008", it was all Talk Talk, Mouth Mouth, Ntoa toa nkoaaa, soso naa fuu kwa !!

Essien is one of the Generals on the Field, we need to listen to these Players intently, rather !!

Paragraphs 4,5 and 6 tells it all.

During an interview conducted by Ponga Liwewe from SuperSport's Football Africa programme, Essien said he was confident that Ghana would do well at Africa's biggest football competition, but was wary of other nations such as Nigeria, Ivory Coast, Tunisia, Egypt and Cameroon, who would pose a big threat to his country's ambition of winning the title.

Essien (24) said it was too early to say that his country would win the competition, and only time would tell.

"Anyone can go out there and surprise anyone," he said on the chances of the 16 teams that are expected to compete at the showpiece.

So, now you see why yesterday I was being as Critical as General Essien in my "Assertions" !!

Don't mind Akwasi Osama bin Nyantakyi, onnim hwee !!

Its going to be tougher than we think !!
We might "Winned", but not with Mouth Mouth !!

Wise and Mature Talk by Mike Essien !!

For all those years at "APSU", St. Augusco, English Language has NEVER been Mike's (Essien) problem, so what the hell are these Ankwansema Tofiakwa Journalists talking about ?

Nonsense !!

That Namibian Source is still in the 15th Century, I guess !!
Windhoek indeed, capital of Namibia !!
Herren Afrikaans probably wrote all that stuff.

Jah +

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Listen to the "Generals" !!
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