Soccer News of Thursday, 29 March 2007

Source: GNA

Supporters of Wa All Stars jubilate in Wa

Wa, March 29, GNA - Supporters of Wa All Stars Football Club on Wednesday took to the streets of the Upper West Regional Capital, Wa in a joyous mood following the qualification of All Stars to the Premier League next season.

Some of the supporters who rode motorbikes and bicycles and exhibited their riding skills those on foot smeared powder over their bodies as they danced to brass band music and went on a float along the major the roads thus bringing vehicular traffic to a standstill for long period.

The qualification of the Club was described by some of the supporters as "God Sent", assaying it would not only unearth talents in the Region but would also provide an opportunity for some of the people to enjoy their weekends in watching Premier league matches which was denied them over decades.

"We have been denied premiership for sometime now but this year God has done it for us and we will never let it go", a supporter remarked, adding: "The joy and merry making showed by the fans is a benchmark to prove the loyalty of the people to the Club".

An official of the Upper West Regional Sports Council, Mr. Abu Abdulai said the qualification of the Club would help expose the potentials of footballers playing in local teams who hitherto ended their careers at the lower divisions.

He said it would also open up the Upper West Region since people from other parts of the country who have little knowledge about the Region, its people and culture would have the opportunity when they engage All Stars at their home grounds in Wa in league matches. Mr Abdulai said the qualification of the team would also create a positive impact on hostel and local industries especially smock and other handicrafts, and therefore advised local entrepreneurs to improve their facilities and designs to enhance patronage.

He appealed to football lovers in the regional capital and the Region to avoid any acts of misconduct during and after league marches so that the Club can sustain its stay in the premiership and avoid any punitive sanctions for crowd indiscipline.