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Sports Features of Tuesday, 11 March 2014

Source: Sarpong, Justice

World Cup, Ghana Budget, $20M, U.S.A Budget, $2M

As usual, Ghanaians howled and cursed those irresponsible Officials who have budgeted 20 million dollars for Blackstars world cup participation which the sheer collosal amount has corruption written alll over it. This is not the first time GFA and the Ministry of Sports have colluded to steal Taxpayers money in the name of soccer. In 2010, we did the same and those who stole money from Ghana like the present Minister of Sports, Afriyie Ankrah and Akua Densuah are still walking free with their loot. I wrote articles calling for the prosecution of all those who stole Taxpayers money but nothing came out of that. In 2010, we spent $19.5 million and we have budgeted another 20 million dollars for the 2014 campaign whilst all the countries mentioned below who are richer than Ghana are spending less than half of what Ghana is spending. It is deja vu all over again and these thieves will walk away with their 20 million dollars bonanza.

The US $2 million

Algeria US$5.8 million

Belgium €4.5 million

Nigeria US$9.5 million

"Minister took driver, house-help and bodyguard to world cup
... at Government's Expense

The Minister of Youth and Sports, Akua Sena Dansua has expressed disgust at suspicions and allegations cast in her direction in relation to expenses said to have been incurred by the nation over the Black Stars' participation in the 2010 World Cup.

She was in Parliament on Thursday to answer a question on how much it cost the nation to engage in the World Cup.

Responding to the issues on Asempa FM on Friday, the Minister explained that even though she traveled with her house-help and driver to South Africa for the World Cup, she paid for her daughter to go on the trip as it was an opportunity for all Ghanaians to go and support the Black Stars.

She further denied using state funds to facilitate anyone’s private trip to the World Cup.
“I took my secretary, I took my driver and I took my body guard. These are the people who are here with me day and night,” she added."

The Driver and the Bodyguard, which one of them is your bed warmer, Akua?
Muntaka took a girfriend to Ivory Coast and Germany and called her his secretary, now you have four of them, your secretary, house help, Driver and Bodyguard to South Africa to live like Sheik, we can't afford you, you are too expensive, Akua, we are tired of paying for boyfriends and girlfriends of sports ministers.bribing them with a trip to South Africa to watch world soccer matches and that

Akua Densuah is a thief and Mills should dismiss this woman pronto. This woman wants to compensate her personnel house help at Ghanaian taxpayers expense by bribing them with a trip to South Africa to watch world soccer matches and that should not be entertained by Mills administration.

After Densua nad her cohorts have defrauded the nation with million of dollars on the NDC supporters transported to South Africa to watch soccer matches on T.V and stealing some money for their care, now this woman also is asking Ghanaian taxpayers to pay for her household staff, this lady has a lot of cojones.

How can this woman bill Ghana for 1,500 supporters when the government sent only 1,000? The sentiments expressed by these two contributors at the Ghanaweb forum, are a clear testament of how Ghanaians feel about this team "C" minister.

this woman bill Ghana for 1,500 supporters when the government sent only 1,000?
The sentiments expressed by these two contributors at the Ghanaweb forum, are a
clear testament of how Ghanaians feel about this team "C" minister.

Date:2010-07-30 10:45:55
I regret my initial support for this government and I ask for forgiveness from
anyone who through my comments fell in love for this government.
Ras Mubarak came out strongly that the government should tell ghanaians who was
behind the sponsored trip to south africa but many including pro NDC supporters
said he was doing that because he was bitter for losing an election.
Date:2010-07-30 09:28:32
Sarpong, we are all shock to hear the claim by the Minister that the Government
of Ghana sponsored the fans.
We were all witnesses to the bitter war of words between the Jerry faction of
the NDC and the Mills faction which includes the headquarters. Each was claiming
credit for sending their supporters to the games. We all heard the many claims
and counter-claims by these nut-heads.
I hope the Ghanaian media will start asking the hard questions.
Akua Densuah has no inkling of what went on in South Africa if her statements on
friday July 30th 2010 is juxtaposed to what the President and the Vice-President
said about the behaviour of the Ghanaian supporters in South Africa is anything
to go by. This is what the first two gentlemen of Ghana have to say about the
conduct of our supporters in South Africa:
"President John Evans Atta Mills is fuming with rage over the deplorable state
of Ghana fans who are in South Africa to support the Black Stars at the ongoing
2010 FIFA World Cup.
He questioned the efficiency of the committee tasked to cater for the 1,600 or
more fans sponsored by government and some individuals, which had brought undue
hardships on the fans, notable among which is subtended food and
non-availability of tickets to watch Ghana matches."

"Vice President John Dramani Mahama returned with the first batch of supporters,
numbering over 450, on Friday June 24.
The Vice President, on his return expressed his displeasure at the conduct of
some Ghanaian soccer fans at the FIFA World Cup Tournament and called on
Ghanaians to comport themselves outside the borders of the country, in order to
reflect the good image of their Mother Land."
The incompetence of Akua Densua and her NDC cohorts who thought they could use
the bait of our taxpayers funds to send NDC supporters MASQUERADING as soccer
fans came unglued when the supporters after reaching South Africa were made to
fend for themselves and have to resort to prostitution and robbing which
were not beamed back home.

"Several state sponsored Ghanaian soccer fans in South Africa are refusing to
return home on the directives of Ghanaian football officials there.
Officials insist the fans must return immediately due to lack of funds. The fans
will have to fend for themselves if they stay any longer since state sponsorship
has been stretched thin.
Reports say some of the Ghanaian women soccer fans have had to resort to
prostitution to fend for themselves."
The fans are accusing the Ghanaian authorities of reneging on its promise to
give them a daily per diem of $100 and are thus calling on the officials to come
to their aid to help alleviate their plight."
If this is the behaviour put up by our fans and two incidencies where Ghanaian
men were accused of raping a Canadian woman and another Ghanain woman, how can
Akua Densua then tell us that sending these supporters to South Africa enhanced
the image of our country? This is what Akua Densuah, the so called Sports
Minister said on Friday July 30th and readers can compare that to what the
President and his Vice said about the behaviour of the same fans who were forced
to resort to immoral behaviour to care for themselves;
"Touching on the decision to send supporters to South Africa for the World Cup, Sena Dansua defended the decision of the government adding that "it was not a waste of resources".

The minister added that, supporters who went to the event also had the
opportunity of studying the positive aspect of the South Africa culture which will have an impact on Ghana in the near future."

What positive aspect did these fans have a chance of studying when they were busy whoring and robbing to take care of their daily needs?No wonder those Journalists who were in South Africa are calling on Mills to relieve you of your duties as the Minister of Sports, you failed Ghanaians .

I would have loved to say, "WE NO GO SIT DOWN FOR THESE THIEVES TO CHEAT US AGAIN" but the truth is that, we are cowards and we are going to sit down and shut our mouths whilst these thieves walk all the way to the Bank laughing.

Justice Sarpong