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"What fight were Vargas-Narh judges watching"--fan
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Boxing News of Wednesday, 16 October 2013

Source: Oral Ofori

"What fight were Vargas-Narh judges watching"--fan

Management of Team Ray 'the Emperor' Narh is screaming foul play over the results of their fight with Jesse Vargas at the Thomas & Mack Center in Las Vegas on October 10, 2013. The welterweight bout between the two ended with Ray significantly behind on the score cards which read 97-92, 98-91 and 98-91.

The judges for the fight were Adalaide Byrd, Dave Moretti and Jerry Roth. Jacob Zwennes; Manager of team Narh says apart from the flash knock down that Ray suffered in 2 minutes 59 seconds into the 10th and final round, the fight was action packed throughout the night and most ringside observers who were not part of the partisan Vargas crowd believed Ray Narh had done enough to get the nod from the judges.

As Ray stormed out of the ring and made his way towards the locker room, scores of fans came running down from the stands to congratulate him on what they all thought was a clear victory Zwennes said. Team Narh felt the score cards were ridiculously outside of reality because in their opinion, Ray was definitely ahead on points.

A fan at fight night said "the Television cameras were the witnesses. Those of you who have not seen the fight should go watch the video for yourselves at http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=YlWk5QR8wiM. The score cards of the judges were way too wide in favor of Jesse Vargas". The fan continues to say ”let me not be the one to influence you. Simply watch the recorded fight from the perspective of an objective person or professional judge and you can tell team Vargas was being overly favored”.

Team Narh says matters were made worse for Ray when Referee Jay Nady continuously warned him throughout the fight against holding even when it was clearly visible Vargas was doing the pushing, leaning over and holding on most occasions. That is surely another way to frustrate a fighter who was already going against a partisan home crowd. Ray was definitely disappointed after the fight and did express the sad and sunken state of boxing that night.

"We felt the need for someone to do something to stop this rather unfortunate highway robbery which is fast becoming the order of the day under this commission's jurisdiction in recent years” said Ray himself. If you felt the lady judge in the Mayweather-Canelo fight was bad last September 21, 2013 then team Narh can say the scoring of the Narh-Vargas fight was awful and the officiating was equally bad.

These facts heavily influenced the decision of Team Narh to register an official compliant with the Nevada Athletic commission and request an official rematch with Jessie Vargas because it seems unfairness like these are becoming a cancer on the sport. If those who matter do not raise their voices against things like this then the integrity of the sport will indeed be at stake says Team Narh.

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