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Sports Features of Wednesday, 21 August 2019


Soccer as a manifestation of capitalism

Simple social contact generates in most productive jobs an emulation and excitement of the vital spirits that increase the individual performance of each one, so that a dozen people together yield a product of 144 hours in a working day total much greater than 12 isolated workers, each of whom works twelve hours, or a worker who works twelve days in a row.

This is because man is by nature, if not a political animal, as Aristotle thought, but a social animal.

The social and the private

Marx did not cease to point out the social character of economic processes and the private nature of their returns. Simply put: in everything that happens great in the world there are always many who work, but in the end they end up taking advantage of only a few. Today the life of the masses is manifested in many social phenomena, but their use, their higher yields, still have a private character. Let's give a first piece of information about the 2006 World Cup in Germany: the accumulated audience at the end of the tournament was 33,000 million viewers. Let us now give a second fact: FIFA will enter 1.8 billion dollars from suppliers and television rights. On the contrary, the private character of the use of its results stands out. This is a fact that characterizes the essence of capitalism: something happens by the work of the many, but it is a few who take advantage and disproportionately.

Soccer as a mass phenomenon

People like being with people and attending a football stadium is a means to that end. It is not the same to watch a football game alone, accompanied by tens of thousands of people. It would not be the same for soccer players. The social mass gives life, joy and enthusiasm. The question would now be why making mass life should cost so expensive. Once a taxi driver told me that he spent two hundred dollars a month on football: to attend the stadium twice a month, when his team played at home, and to buy the most interesting televised games. In addition, as he himself told me, the fan always ends up financing the club in several ways: buying shares, which are never going to throw any dividends, shirts, scarves, caps, and so on. Also the soccer clubs, which accompany the team when it plays outside, spend their good sums of money. So today the football masses have become a very important source of financing for football clubs and for related companies, like those offering sports-based betting games such as Doxxbet

Soccer and alienation

Without a doubt, today's world is very bad. There are too many unfortunates. If people, after finishing the workday, thought about the world and its evils, it would sink into the pit of depression. So he needs means that make him forget misfortunes and make his life a little more enjoyable. Soccer is one of those means. This is how people outside themselves are dominated by a passion that the great masses participate in, forgotten about the problems that overwhelm them every day. It is a moment of respite, albeit of an alienating breath.

Alienate, no doubt, that is not good. But sometimes it is necessary. If we put an end to the evils that plague mankind, the need to alienate would plummet and we would all be really freer. For we must not believe bourgeois theorists, experts in systematizing superficial life and justifying the existing order, when they present us with Capitalism capitalist. society as a free society, without pointing out that freedom is alienating. And to alienate is to lose one of oneself or to live something to not see anything else or forget about it.

All football clubs become hallmarks of their selfless and sacrificed fans. But on top of that, they become the hallmarks of a locality, a city and a nation. When the soccer World Cups are held, each team becomes a representative of a nation. And that is when the national flags fly in the stadiums and when the national colors dress the fans. Although soccer players have the honor of representing a nation, they do not do it for the love of the nation, but for love of prestige and money.

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