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Sports News of Sunday, 2 May 2021


Referee stops game for Ramadan break in Legon Cities-Kotoko clash

The Ghana Premier League game between Legon Cities vrs Asante Kotoko was
temporarily halted and allowed the Muslim players of both sides to break their Ramadan fast.

21 minutes into the game, referee Emmanuel Tampuri paused the game and allowed Muslim players to break their fast at the Accra Sports Stadium.

This is the first time has something happened in the history of Ghana Football, the new initiative is expected to continue until the end of the month.

Asante Kotoko won the game by a lone goal following a first-half strike from Fabio Gama.

Ramadan, the Islamic festival is part of one of the five pillars of Islam, between dawn and sunset Muslims will not eat or drink as they show their devotion to their religion and Allah.

Typically, Muslims will have a meal (suhoor) just before dawn and break the fast through another (the iftar) straight after sunset.