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Sports News of Tuesday, 31 December 2019


Raphael Dwamena's health case takes legal twist

Ghana international Raphael Dwamena Ghana international Raphael Dwamena

Raphael Dwamena's case with Spanish club Zaragoza has taken a different twist, according to a publication in the Spanish media.

The Ghainian striker, reportedly, was detected with an unknown heart problem during a routine medical check.

Amis the setback to his career at Spanish second tier club Zaragaoza an article by Rafa Marin and published by, the case between 24-year-old and Zaragoza is not yet over.

Dwamena continues in the hands of doctors and lawyers
The withdrawal of the Ghanaian striker due to health problems is not yet final

The temporary withdrawal of Raphael Dwamena from the world of football has been one of the worst sports news that humanly has left this 2019 that is already over.

However, the truth is that the Ghanaian striker is still a goodbye and not a final goodbye, at least officially. In Orriols, as has happened from day one, there is a maximum prudence in this regard. The club wants the player to mark the times in the face of any new announcement, especially after being hit by the moment when the severity of his health problem was known through Zaragoza.

More than sports today Dwamena is an issue that has to do with the diagnosis of doctors, although as a result of this opinion there are obviously also legal consequences related to his contract with the Levant and the transfer to Zaragoza, still in force although LaLiga authorized the withdrawal of its file. The granota club, despite being aware from the outset through the reports of the doctors that there is nothing to do, has tried to keep out of any controversy with the Aragonese, forced to assume almost the entire record , about 800,000 euros, until next June. As with the Levante in his day, despite the clinical history of the player and the holter he had installed, Dwamena also surpassed the medical check with his hands.

Precisely Zaragoza is in the short term the first interested in the striker confirming that he definitely leaves football, since that would allow him to release wage mass in order to strengthen himself in the winter market. However, that is unlikely to happen, especially before the month of January passes, since the deadlines are longer.

Dwamena, beyond his personal drama, remains willing to burn all the cartridges, although it is no secret to anyone, including himself, that it is virtually impossible. All the specialists who have seen him in recent months confirm that his life is in danger if he returns to play football. Of the experts he has consulted there is only one that gives him hope that he could do it again without risk as long as he undergoes a new operation. But with zero guarantees. The rest recommend that you hang up the boots.

Question of lawyers
«It is a medical issue, a disgrace, and is more in the hands of legal, Zaragoza and its lawyers. At the sports level, he was transferred so that he had minutes but he could not prove his worth for the disease. We will wait to see what the definitive diagnosis is, although we must admit that it does not look very good, ”says Manolo Salvador. The technical secretary is aware of the situation of the footballer, who at 24 years resists the evidence that, after several threats, this is the final one. With the number of beats per minute that reached his heart in his last game, it is a miracle that he keeps telling. The risk of cardiovascular accident is maximum and this is ratified by all the specialists who have treated it.

El Levante, as well as Zaragoza, did not sign any policy that covered it. And that before closing his signing for 6.5 million, Raphael underwent three different medical tests .. Two in Germany when he was negotiating his incorporation to the CSKA of Moscow and another already in Valencia. For the granota coffers the amortization of its signing, the second most expensive in its history, is two million annually. For Zaragoza, which opted for its transfer at the request of Víctor Fernández, it has also been an economic setback. However, without a point of comparison with that of a Dwamena who, on his first visit to Ciutat after the incident, collapsed when he saw his former companions.