Soccer News of Tuesday, 26 February 2013

Source: Peace FM

One Man Supporter challenges Appiah Stadium

Abraham Boakye, popularly known as One Man Supporter, has dared Appiah Kofi, also known as Appiah Stadium, to come to justify the sex scandal which he alleges happened in the Black Stars camp during the just-ended Africa Cup of Nations in South Africa.
Appiah Stadium, during the past weeks, has alleged that deputy captain of the Black Stars, John Paintsil, was responsible for bringing women to the Black Stars camp during the three-week tournament in South Africa.
To him this culminated in the team’s poor output at the AFCON.
According to Abraham Boakye, Appiah Stadium, on a different platform has said the President of the Ghana Football Association (GFA), Kwesi Nyantakyi, has asked him to cease the brouhaha until he (Kwesi Nyantakyi) return to the country.
Speaking to PEACE POWER SPORTS on Peace FM, One Man Supporter expressed concern with regards to the twist of the sex allegation and believes Appiah Stadium has been persuaded if not he dares him to justify the allegation.
“We are not kids to be deceived by Appiah Stadium. Why is he (Appiah Stadium) now twisting the allegation saying Nyantakyi says he should wait for him to return to Ghana for the matter to be discussed?
"I (Abraham Boakye) want to ask Appiah Stadium whether he has been bribed by Kwesi Nyantakyi,” he questioned.
He added: “I dare Appiah Stadium to come out clearly to tell the whole nation the truth of the alleged case. He cannot take Ghanaians for granted for speculating such an allegation after government impelling in loads of money to see the success of the National team and also hovering over thousand supporters to South Africa.”
However, Abraham Boakye says that if sexual intercours in the Stars camp resulted in the failure of the Black Stars to win the trophy, then heads must roll in the management team of the Black Star for causing financial loss to the state.
“If womanising is our main problem for not winning the trophy, then I will blame the handlers for not doing their duties. They (handlers) have caused financial loss to the state and this is the biggest one at the highest level, upon all the monies splashed to them,” he said.
One Man Supporter threatens to drag Appiah Stadium to court if his allegation is not justified.
“Appiah Stadium, I dare you to come back and explain to Ghanaians why the Black Stars did not win the trophy in South Africa. This is not the only time Ghana has been to an AFCON tournament and returned without a trophy. 2006 was worse but nothing was said about the team," he said.
“… If Appiah Stadium thinks there is some wrong about the team which must be addressed, then he should come out and tell Ghanaians. I dare him (Appiah Stadium) to come out clear or I will sue him in court. I have shares in Ghana Football so whatever malicious allegations about the team or Ghana Football interest me (Abraham Boakye)."