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Soccer News of Wednesday, 5 February 2003

Source: Prince Aidoo

OPINION: Ghana will go to World Cup if.......

Is this a dream or a reality? This is what someone might ask. This will not be a dream, but will be a reality if Ghanaians will have the wisdom to ask themselves why haven?t they made it since independence?. A country with all its potentials, popularly known in African football history and the World as a whole has failed to prove their intelligence?. We have failed, why?. Why have we failed our people?. For how long should we wait and dream? Is it a ?curse? or what is wrong with our psyche? What is wrong with our brains and attitude towards work?. Perhaps the boots we use in playing football are fake ones and that might be the reason for our incapability to qualify. We have employed foreign coaches and later local coaches and yet we cannot make it why?. Are we a failure?

Do Ghanaians have the wisdom and time to sit down and analyse our downfall both in football and political level?. No, Ghanaians wouldn?t have the precious time to think about their past mistakes because they never had one. They only think of going forward and not even being able to identify the way forward. No, that is not important for the normal Ghanaian. We are only interested of what we will have to eat today and not tomorrow. They start pulling new things from above and at the end it is not coming, yet the Ghanaian has no time to find out what is holding that subject up there. No no no... that is not important. What is important is to keep on pulling blindly may be in thousand years to come Ghana will at long last qualify for the world cup. What a ?Pity?, even to see a country like Senegal, South Africa, Nigeria, Cameroon etc qualifying for the Worldcup and we the so-called African masters are not even able to qualify for the quarter finals.

Someone out there should ask when these countries mentioned above started playing African soccer?. Where are ?we? the masters today?. May be at has been said that ?the first shall be the last and the last shall be the first?. Ghana was said to be the first in the history of African football having won the African cup three conservative times, and today Ghana is the last. What a pity.

I think there is something wrong with our education, attitude, and our psyche. Kindly let us think about this. The training that we had from infancy has no room for creativity. Sweet talks, laziness, greediness, selfishness, jealousy, and wickedness has turned into clothing that we wear everyday. We are caught in the spiders web and we find it impossible to get out. We have eyes but we cannot see, we have ears but we cannot hear, we as said to be smart and intelligent, but the ?wisdom? we have not. If I may be wrong in my perception, then I am prepared to congratulate anyone who can tell the country the reason why Ghana has failed to make it to the ?World Cup? since independence, and to prove to us how we can get there.

As a concerned citizen, a football philanthropist, and besides being a manger of a foreign company, I am also a foreign trained coach and have all what it takes to deliver Ghanaians from bondage. I can train or manage our Ghana Black Stars to qualify for the ?World Cup? if only Ghanaians will listen.

I will tell Ghanaians their transgressions regarding our failure to qualify. I will prove to Ghanaians what is holding our efforts from above. I will take away the nets that has covered their eyes for decades. I will heal their wounds. I will wipe away the tears of our people who love football. I will impact creativity and winner mentality in our players and they shall weep no more. This I promise to do with the power of the almighty God who has written these words in my heart. Please someone out there should tell the government and the Football Association that I Prince Aidoo, is prepared to help our nation if...

I hope we are not still sleeping.

Prince Aidoo (Evangelist)
Ghana Social Democrats