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Sports News of Tuesday, 18 April 2017


Nutifafa Attah slams board chairman of Great Olympics

Host of Football 360 on Kwese Free Sports, Nutifafa Attah, has slammed board chairman of Accra Great Olympics Amarkai Amarteifio for certain comments he made last week whiles defending his decision to replace coach Godwin Attram with Tom Strand.

The board of Accra Great Olympics decided to replace their coach Godwin Attram with Tom Strand last week, a decision which the former coach didn’t take lightly. But defending the decision taken by the board last week, Amarkai Amarteifio referred to certain high profile coaches who had been sacked in England to justify the board’s decision; a comparison Nutifafa Attah described as very disappointing.

“Mourinho got all the cups for Chelsea but was fired. Ranieri, he won the cup for Leicester, this season the club wasn’t doing, he was fired and what is the club doing now, they club is now doing well now. Those who don’t want change are unprogressive. If you have a business and the manager is getting you loses, will you keep him,” Amarteifio argued.

Host Nutifafa Attah who was somewhat angered by the board chairman’s remarks questioned why Amarteifio is not running Great Olympics like the clubs he referred to in Europe, if that is the standard he requires.

“If our board chairmen actually know that the standard in football is when a Jose Mourinho wins a trophy for Chelsea he can be sacked next season, when a Ranieri wins a trophy for Leicester he could be sacked the following season;

"Why don’t they run their clubs like the way clubs in Europe do?”

“Because you are here talking about this is the fact that this is the standard why don’t you run your football clubs in the manner but you are willing to pick it up when it works for you,” Nutifafa argued.

Nutifafa also slammed the board chairman for not presenting Godwin Attram with a contract after working for several years.

“Why did you make the guy to coach the club without a contract? Why is it that the club doesn’t have a standard contract they give to their coaches? I think I am very disappointed in the board chairman of Great Olympics to talk in that manner. If indeed he didn’t present the coach with a contract, we don’t talk in that manner.”

Coach Godwin Attram also spoke last night on Football 360 and questioned why the management of the club didn’t bring in a new coach to replace him when he led the team in Division One to qualify for the Premier League. He also maintained that he is still with Great Olympics but has taken a short break.

“There are othersides of the issue that yet to be resolved. When we were playing all those matches in Division One, why didn’t they bring coaches to come and coach. It is a gradual process but they don’t understand.”

“They should play three or four matches for everyone to see the truth of the whole thing… nobody has sacked me from Great Olympics unless I say I don’t wanna join again,” Godwin Attram maintained.

Great Olympics failed to pick up all three points in their first game under coach Tom Strand playing a goalless draw at Dansoman against Liberty last Sunday.