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Martial Art of Monday, 25 May 2015

Source: Sammy Heywood Okine

Japan Introduces Kendo in Ghana

Japan has introduced a new form of Martial Art known as Kendo in Ghana with a at demonstration at the Sports Hall, Accra Sports Stadium. The demonstration was led by the Ambassador of Japan, Mr. Kaoru Yoshimura with the support of other Japanese and Ghanaian fellows who learnt Kendo in Japan. The Kendo demonstration was organised by the Embassy of Japan in Ghana in collaboration with the Ghana Judo Association and the Ghana Karate-Do Association.
Karate and Judo demonstrations were also performed to raise the curtains for the Kendo demonstration.
The Ambassador of Japan, who is a Kendo-ka or Kendo practitioner having witnessed the level of Judo and Karate in Ghana and the talent Ghanaians have displayed in martial art, was inspired to introduce Kendo in Ghana.
Kendo originated from what used to be the essential practice for Samurai (Japanese swordsmen) over several centuries. A sword made of bamboo or wood and a set of self protective gears are used to practise Kendo. Today Kendo is practiced by more people than any other martial art in Japan. About 4 million people worldwide practice Kendo Japan has the largest number; about 1.6 million Japanese do Kendo, followed by South Korea with 0.4 million population. There are Kendo Associations or Federation in more than 60 countries in the Americas, Europe, Asia, Oceania and Africa. In Africa, Kendo is very present in South Africa, Malawi, Mozambique and Madagascar. The International Kendo Federation is the umbrella organisation of all the Kendo Federations. The 16th World Kendo Championship is going to take place this month.
Kendo is more than a sport. It has principles to make the individual well developed in mind and body with the objective of making them very valuable and useful to their community and country.
Already, wooden swords (bokuto) have been made by in Ghana to kick start Kendo in Ghana. Spectators at the kendo demonstration were given some tips on kendo and they tried their hands on the martial art using these wooden swords.