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Boxing News of Sunday, 26 August 2018


Isaac Dogboe is more powerful than people think – Paul Dogboe

Paul Dogboe has groomed his son Isaac Dogboe to become a World Champion play videoPaul Dogboe has groomed his son Isaac Dogboe to become a World Champion

After successfully demolishing his experienced Japanese opponent, Hidenori Otake, in just a minute and 30 seconds into his first title defense to retain his WBO World title it’s worthy to conclude that Isaac ‘The Royal Storm’ Dogboe is more powerful than what people think as his father puts it.

The 37-year-old Japanese who is taller than Dogboe was unable to withstand the storm Dogboe brought into the ring when a powerful left hook sent him down to the canvas. The referee gave Otake the benefit of the doubt after four counts to prove his mettle but shortly after a combination of left and right hooks made Otake’s legs wobbly and was unable to counter the punches lashed at him imploring referee Chris Flores to technically end the fight at the Gila River Arena, USA.

It will be recalled that in an earlier interview with Paul Dogboe, the father and trainer of Ghana’s youngest world champion, Isaac Dogboe, he told Ghanaweb TV that he deliberately advised his son not to end fights earlier than expected.

“Isaac is more powerful than people think, when he was sparring Leo Santer Cruz, he use to come to me and tell me your son is strong, his body shots are strong, that was a world champion. Carl Franklyn said the same, Carl didn’t respect my son and all the guys that we’ve sparred,” Paul told Ghanaweb TV on the Sports Check program.

He added that, “when we came to Ghana, I told Isaac to stop knocking people out, when you keep knocking people out you’re not going to get the world championship. So we are coming for you all the champions in the weight division. I use to tell my son do not show you’re powerful that much, once a while allow yourself to get hit but don’t get hit bad.”

The former military man explained that the plan not to showcase Isaac’s strength was a deliberate effort not to deter boxers from approaching his son for a world title shot.

Paul said, “If you want to catch a fish you put a fish on the hook, you put it there then you catch a bigger fish that was how we did it, it was something that was planned and calculated, now he is a world champion and I can tell you my secret.”

Paul Dogboe finally concluded that “the only way is to avoid him when you are fighting him but when he contacts you it’s like an electric shock.”