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Sports News of Friday, 24 April 2020


I never insulted the Rayon Sports President, I was only fighting for my salary - Michael Sarpong clarifies

Michael Sarpong Michael Sarpong

Ghanaian forward Michael Sarpong has denied claims that he insulted President of Rwandan side Rayon Sports leading to the cancellation of his contract at the club.

Despite the termination of his contract for allegedly insulting Sadate Munyakazi, the striker reveals he was misquoted by the media for trying to fight for his salary.

According to Sarpong, the news of his sacking came to him as a shock but explains there was a communication gap between him and the President.

"What really happened was that I was home and a friend here referred me to an article that he has heard from the media that the President of the club told the media that he has agreed with the players that we will not take salaries for the month of February and March," said Sarpong.

"And the person asked me how are we going to survive and I told him it is not true, the President has never spoken to me about that and so let me ask my captain and some few players at the club and get back to him," he added.

He continues: "So I asked, some few players if they have really agreed with the President about our salaries and they said no, and even the President has not called them.

"I was there and the media called me saying this is what is happening in camp, has the president agreed with players to not pay salaries for February and March and I said no. Ever since the lockdown, the President has never called me or spoken to me so I don't know anything about that.

"So they asked what do I think should be done, and I said he could have called us and maybe proposed something because there is no job at the moment, maybe I will pay half of the salary so that after everything is done I can give you full payment because we are home.

"I'm a foreigner here, I don't have anybody to go to if I'm hungry and we are in lockdown too so at least if I have some money on me in these times it will help me and they said okay.

The media went on to ask the Ghanaian's opinion about the President, where Sarpong disclosed that some of the players have not been happy with the way he runs the club.

"I told the media I am a foreigner here but some players have said since they came the President hasn't been good to them and they don't like him because every day we are owed salaries for a couple of months, so the players don't really like him. These were my words before the interview ended.

"So I was there when I had a letter that what I said in the media I should go and retract it, I should write a letter of apology to him the President. The letter was sent in French and I told him I can't speak French so if he can send the letter in English I will be able to reply in English.

"They never got back to me, the letter was still in French and I didn't know what it was talking about until yesterday, Thursday when the treasurer sent me another letter in French, so I asked why they keep sending me letters in French because I don't speak French so I sent it to my manager here.

"But he didn't get back to me because he was also in a meeting. So I went to Instagram only to see the club has released me and I am free to go to wherever I want to so I called my manager to ask him what is really going on and he confirmed the team has released me. I was shocked and I even explained to him what really happened. I never insulted the President, I can never do that, I was only fighting for my salary."

Sarpong had five months left on his contract and the club already owes him three months salary.