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Sports Features of Saturday, 10 September 2011

Source: Seidu Moro

Goran Stevanovic On The Chopping Board

– Plavi Scores 100% And 0%.

By Seidu Moro (Focus Fm-KNUST, Focus Sports- Sports Analyst)

Sep 08, 2011

After the encounters (Ghana vrs Swaziland and Ghana vrs Brazil) that saw Kwarasey in goal post, Goran Stevanovic affectionately called Plavi in his interview has made it clear that his call- ups of players to the Black Star squad would be complete of players actively playing or not sitting on benches at their respective clubs. His comments about Ghanaians players call-ups to the Black Star camp has inflated mixed feelings among football lovers, die hard supporters of the Stars, soccer players and football fans across the country. Survey conducted by Focus Sports-KNUST identified two schools of taught, one scoring Plavi 100% and the other 0%.

The fashion that scored him 100% supported Plavi’s comments by buttressing their stands echoing the following; They believe that for the sake of continuity, consistency, competition and winning mentality, the comments of Plavi must stand. Players who always find the playing boots and gloves for their respective clubs should always be called or better still, they must be compensated for the Black Star assignment. This will only introduce players to the squad that are energetic, smart, vibrant, serious and with unquestionable form. This also suggests that inviting players with winning mentality, good technical precision, competitive mentality and above all tactically disciplined individuals to the envious side Black Star team. The beautiful characteristics that would presumably dominate the Senior National team will add more steel to the squad by invoking competition for positions at all the departments of the game. The outcome of this phenomenon will also trigger seriousness, fast adaptation to tactical instructions, consistency in team’s performance, and discipline at all level.

However, the comment made by Plavi also means that long serving and committed players who have diligently served the nation and have convincingly paid their dues in relation to sacrifice and the love for the nation are likely to lose their call-up slot. Currently Richard Kingston is a victim silently paying the prize for Goran’s inherent initiative. Sule Muntari, Anthony Annan and the likes are likely to face the rough of this phenomenon if change does not come to their camp. Will change come? Whether change will come or not, oppositions of the cognitive content of Plavi’s interview refuse to agree the yardstick, which he is basing his call-ups on. This fashion did not hesitate in scoring the current Black Star taskmaster 0%, simply because his initiative will lead to the lost of many valuable talents that are very committed to Ghana colours and play very well for the senior national team but are not finding the playing boots and gloves in their respective clubs.

The school further substantiates their 0% scoring mark awarded to the coach by making it clear that, there are certain players that plight their club trade in highly competitive realm (in the shape of Real Madrid, Barcelona, Man. U., Man. City, Arsenal, Liverpool, Marseilles, AC Millan, Inter. Millan and the likes) and might not meet the demands of the starting eleven. Likewise might not meet the bench mark of the actively playing group due the parade of star players in the team, an example of such teams is not far from fetch. Relegation of such players to the bench is always evident due to irresistible competition. However, if the player’s form, class, experience, technical and tactical abilities are not questionable in any regard. Do you have to leave such players outside the national team? Moreover, coaches prefer certain players to others due to the tactical philosophy they would like to employ. In view of this if a player’s form and performance is not questionable but due to the tactical play, a coach prefers to employ and for that matter such a player is found outside the club coach’s main plan, the player would most of the times witnessed matches from the bench. Linking this scenario to Plavi’s interview, he granted. Would he allow such a talent and performance to go waste? Simply because a coach whose tactical philosophy which might not even be winning trophies/matches or even a mere dressing room problem between a player and coach is preventing a player from seeing more action on the pitch. Would Plavi allow this scenario control his call-ups to the national team of Ghana? What a calamity! If questions raised by this school of taught would be responded by the Senior national coach of Ghana with a no response, then a window must be created for player falling in the bracket of the pointed out scenarios and similar.

The school that scored Stevanovic 0% also insinuated that some players play regularly and very well for their club but an abysmal performance is always witnessed at their national side, the vice versa is also the case. How would Plavi again react to this case? The oppositions to the content of senior national coach interview are well convinced that their concern are very vital & legitimate and would like the tactical coach to address them by creating windows for players falling within the scenario portfolios raised. Without such consideration, they would not hesitate scoring him 0% on his initiative. Contrary to the views of the oppositions, proponents who could not agree more to the coach suggestion believe that the coach idea about senior national team call-ups is a step in the right direction and is the best way that can lead the Black Star of Ghana to the promise land. They would have scored him more than 100% if the ceiling were raised.

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