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Sports News of Saturday, 30 September 2017


Sannie Daara calls for Baba Gedo arrest after admitting to bribing referees

Ibrahim Sannie Daara Ibrahim Sannie Daara

Communications director of the Ghana Football Association Ibrahim Sannie Daara has stated that revelation by Amidaus Professionals President Baba Gedo that he paid bribes to referees would warrant a jail sentence in some other countries.

The outspoken president of second-tier side Baba Gedo made a shocking disclosure last week on Accra-based Radio Station Happy FM, that he paid hefty bribes to referees during their time in the Ghana Premier League.

"I heard Baba Gedo touching on to many issues the other time but the one that caught my attention most was when the bribe payment to referees revelation he made," Sannie told Happy FM.

"In my personal opinion he did not speak well and not only did he not speak well but he has exposed himself because I would have taught that he should have had a bigger judgement in making such a statement, and if it was have been any other country, he would be jailed because you've admitted to bribing people."

"Secondly, if the referees you bribed are still in the system, what's happening to our game, we would want to know who are these referees, which matches have they officiated, have they been controversial matches."

"We are coming off from a situation where our top referee has been handed a lifetime ban that has brought shame on the country, so we must know because there are deeper things in some of these things Baba Gedo claimed."

"I can fault him because if those are his taughts and Ghana is a democratic country but in that same democracy gives us the opportunity that the rule of law must prevail, and I'm saying it here that somebody makes these claims on a public radio that he bribed a referee then it tantamount to him bribing a judge. The most dangerous thing is those referees are still operating in the country," Sannie deduced.