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Ghana and Egypt Match Will Not Be Picnic
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Sports Features of Friday, 11 October 2013

Source: Baafi, Alex Bossman

Ghana and Egypt Match Will Not Be Picnic

Alex Bossman Baafi

October 15, 2013 marks the first leg of the 2014 world cup qualifier playoff between our country and Egypt. Many soccer pundits have labeled the game as “do or die affair”. Personally, I could foresee a tough and uncompromising match from the visiting team as they will like to qualify for the World cup ahead of us in Brazil next year. We must be fully prepared because the game is not going to be a picnic affair.

So far, perhaps born out of patriotism, I have not met any supporter of the Black Stars who had expressed or given the Pharaohs the dog’s chance in this crucial match. Most football enthusiasts I have talked with simply acknowledged the credentials of the opponents. Though they contend the significant achievement of the Egyptians leading continental champions with unprecedented seven times’ success, they were quick to brush them aside. Perhaps they jumped to that hasty conclusion because of their love for the country which cannot be taken away from them. Others banked their hopes on the galaxy of stars available for our national side.

I know that Egypt is formidable force with unique talent and experienced side which could not be dismissed on a silver platter. To dismiss such a team we must first of all prepare adequately. The coach must bear in mind that assembling a team is critical to our success. Both the team and technical bench headed by Coach Kwasi Appiah must live up to expectation because they have the support of the entire country. There should be no room for complacency whatsoever. Players must get the chance to play on merit and their ability to deliver to the expectation of the game plan of the coach.

I must say that the game will pose the crucial test of the technical and intellectual capabilities of the Coach. His ability to quickly read the game on both sides to detect loopholes will be essential. Evolving strategies to correct technical lapses working against his team would be much appreciated, whilst at the same time capitalizing on lapses of the opponent to take advantage of by his side to win the game will come under sharp focus.

In the course of discussions, many are worried however of the fact that we will have to play the second leg away in Egypt. In their opinion it is a disadvantage we should not discount in our strategy to win. Though I share their concern I believe that playing first at home is a mixed blessing. I believe that with the home support-based in Kumasi and the stars’ achievements at Baba Yara Stadium in particular, the odds are obviously against the visiting team. Once we carry the maximum points here at home, then we will be at a psychological advantage. In that case all that we will need is a draw to book our ticket to Brazil.

Whichever way you want to advance your argument I know one thing is certain in football and that is that. ‘It has no room for mathematics’ we must enter the game with confidence, very well prepared, focused, disciplined and play well as if there is no tomorrow to win at home. The game is not going to be picnic I maintain though; we must brave the storm to carry the day.

Let’s take this game at a time. Much as we expect our players to do their best not to let us down, we equally expect the technical direction decisions to be on points because full fans support is assured from “Klenklen to Klanklan”, that is from beginning to the end of the game.

Go Black Stars Go. We wish you the maximum best.

Email: abkbossman@yahoo.co.uk

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