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Sports Features of Thursday, 27 August 2020

Source: Mohammed Amin Lamptey

GFA's outrageous, mind-boggling decision to use $290,000 for 92 computers, printers, scanners

Mohammed Amin Lamptey is a sports journalist Mohammed Amin Lamptey is a sports journalist

On Tuesday August 25, 2020, the Ghana Football Association announced its decision to use $290,000 from its development money from FIFA to buy desktop computers, printers, scanners and also get internet connectivity for Premier League Clubs, Division One Clubs, Women's Premier League Clubs and the RFA's.

In this internet and digital age, it is a good step that the GFA intends to equip its members to enhance digital operations and the Loop fully supports.

However, the money which the leadership of the GFA has announced to the world, as having set aside to purchase these items is mind-boggling and outrageous to say the least.

$290,000 US Dollars, on an approximate exchange rate of 6 cedis to a dollar, amounts to a whopping GH 1,740,000, that is one million, seven hundred and forty Ghana Cedis. For those who still do your calculations in the old cedis, that is over 17 billion old cedis.

Yes, you read right! The GFA says it is setting aside this outrageous amount to buy just 92 desktop computers, 92 printers, 92 scanners, as well as internet connectivity for the list of beneficiaries stated above (16 premier clubs, 48 division clubs, 16 women's premier league clubs and 10 RFAs, totalling 92).


A critical research into market values of the prices for desktop computers, printers, scanners and internet connectivity will reveal an outrageous disparity between what the GFA intends to spend and market value.

Indeep, the Loop was shocked to the marrow when it checked the prices of these items on the market.


A good HP desktop computer on the market ranges from 2000 Cedis upwards. Let us assume the GFA will go for a high spec at GH 5000 per computer. Multiply that by 92 and you get 460,000 Cedis.


Modern printers now come with scanners, so one will expect that the GFA will go for one that can serve dual purpose. But assuming the GFA wants to buy separately, good printers on the market for ranges from 300 cedis. But let's say the GFA will even buy the printer at GH1,000 cedis. That will be a total of 92,000 Cedis.


As I said, good and modern printers come with scanners. But let's assume the GFA will buy separate scanners. Good scanners are also very affordable on the market, and as I checked, they range from as low as 300 Cedis. But let's say the GFA will buy it 1000 Cedis each. That will be another 92,000 Cedis.


I don't know what sort of internet connectivity the GFA wants to get for the clubs and the RFA's, but whatever it is, it certainly can't exceed a certain reasonable figure. We all use Internet in our homes and offices and we have an idea of the cost of it, including fixed broadband.


From the above, the total cost of all the equipment, in my high estimation (I went for high prices) is incredibly far lower than $290,000 US Dollars the GFA leadership wants to spend.

The cost of the 92 computers at 5000 Cedis each, 92 printers at 1000 Cwdis each and 92 scanners at 1000 Cedis each all amounts to GH 644,000 Cedis. That is a little over $100,000 US Dollars.
It should be noted that these items can still be procured at a lower fee if it is opened to a competitive purchasing process.


1. What informed the GFA leadership's mind-boggling $290,000?

2. Which company's invoice are they using to arrive at such a gargantuan cost?

The Loop is really startled by this outrageous figure announced by the GFA for this exercise. It doesn't make economic sense, to be honest.

Football stakeholders must reject this move by the GFA and demand transparency to ensure that their development money is used judiciously by the GFA.

The loop can only deduce from the actions of the GFA that the 92 selected beneficiaries,as professional entities can't buy this items for their administrative purposes.

These are basic inputs any serious organization or club must have to be seen as a professional entity.

The loop wants to find out from the club licencing committee headed by Dr.Kwame B.Nuako,whether these items are not part of the basic requirements for clubs.

$290,000 for 92 desktop computers, 92 scanners, 92 printers and Internet connectivity is not only outrageous, but also ridiculous.

Open your eyes football people.

Long live Ghana Football.