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Sports Features of Tuesday, 20 December 2016

Source: Raymond Agbonlahor Yeboah

Upcoming sports minister should avoid the footstep of Nii Lantey Vanderpuye

l am not sounding political but the change of Government must affect anything including the sports ministry.The change to me was a God intervention to redeem Ghana football from termite called Nii Lantey Vanderpuye.Nii Lantey was an apology of a sports minister.He came to office only to tackle the Ghana football Association for that matter Kwasi Nyantakyi.

He neglected the job assigned to him by his Government and in the process failed to achieve any single target.Nii Lantey, left office without any single project or achievement as a sports minister.He rather came to damage the best record already there because his concentration was all about the FA.He hijacked all the budget meant for the sports and no wonder you could see the failure of all the sporting discipline under him.HE had this horrible perception that the GFA are corrupt so won't give them enough money for preparation towards any assignment.

He forgot that football is the passion of the nation and his failure stem from the fact that he refused to learn from his predecessors.

He was a talkative sports minister and l am not surprised he allegedly forgot himself by mentioning the names of selected sports journalist who helped him in witch hunting the FA in the name of congratulation message to them.Under NII Lantey regime some sports journalist turned out to be the stomach, if you listen to their programme it was only one sided criticism against Nyantakyi and his FA forgotten that Nii Lantey had deviated from the job he was assigned to.The failure of an Olympic team to bring a medal to home and Blackstars problems in playing world cup qualifiers were all sabotage thought from Nii Lantey sports ministry.Where is Obeng Asamoah, the deputy sports minister, he once said they would teach the FA if they win the election?

Nii Lantey is a bad example to follow and l would entreat the new sports minister to be careful to follow his bad thoughts.Everything he did was a failure.He had some journalist and stomach football administrators who were fanning his message for him.He mentioned their names on a radio to congratulate them.Ayikoo to the writer Kwabena Yeboah, you should have known better because you are a role model to some of us, as SWAG president l thought you would have advice Nii Lanty that he was destroying Ghana football but secretly according to his commendation u were in support of him.Kamkam Boadu of Nhyira Fm, his programmes really told me the camp he was, he and his sports crew were attacking the FA here and there, shame unto you.Randy Abbey and Micky Charles,l was not surprised because of their political affiliations.Now that Nii Lantey is gone, are these guys going to befriend the new sports minister or what?Would they get leaking information from the ministry any time they had meeting with FA?Mentioning their names and congratulating them doesn't necessarily means they were working for him but the question is why only those names whilst we have thousands of journalist in Ghana.Asem sebe.